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13 Rumors about Study in UK

Study in UK

Today I am here to talk about some rumors about studying in UK. Of course those rumors aren’t true at all but they’ve been passed down through generations of old people since they said it. Let’s check main 13 rumors about study in UK you should know before study in UK.

Also, they’ve been passed down over and over again but we all know that’s not true that’s why we are here because we are going to discuss these rumors which are not true at all and i am going to tell you about the things which are true regarding studying in the UK.

Study in UK Rumors

So these 13 rumors are:-

  1. The first myth concerns the weather in the UK, as it is said that it is always cold in the UK and you cannot enjoy the sunlight at all.

Well, that’s not true because although the weather in the UK can be chilly, you still get plenty of sunshine.

  1. The next myth I will talk about is that people think there is a culture of bad drinking in the UK.

But this is not the case as some people drink and some people do not drink alcohol, so it completely depends on the choice of the person who chooses to drink alcohol or not.

  1. The next myth is that the living facilities there are really expensive.

Well, I can say that it’s not because you can get very good and affordable housing if you find some of the good places to live and do a good research too.

  1. The next myth we are going to talk about is that it is very difficult to find a job in the UK.

So that’s not true either.

Some More Rumors about Study in UK

  1. Food choices in the UK are very scarce.

Well, that’s not true after all because you can get good food choices.

  1. The rate of crime is increasing worldwide, so it is said to be high in the UK.

Again, a false myth.

  1. British degrees are not worthy at all.

So this is also wrong because there is a good university that gives everyone a world class degree.

  1. Exploring the country can be expensive.

Well, again a false fact.

  1. The people there don’t behave very well. This is all wrong because all people are friendly until we say something bad to them.
  2. Culture should be followed very strictly by everyone.

Well, that’s not true at all, it’s up to you whether you want to follow their traditions or not.

  1. It is difficult to get a UK visa.

False myth The UK is just a country like other international countries, so you can get its visa easily.

  1. This myth is about transport that it is very difficult to get transport in the UK.

Well, it’s not because you can easily catch a bus or taxi there.

  1. it’s hard to survive in the UK if you’re an international student.

Again, a false myth as international students are always welcomed in international countries with full arms. Also, a good environment is also created around them so that they feel good when entering a new country.

Don’t Believe these Study in UK Rumors

Finally, I can say that these are all the false rumors that I told you and they are not true at all, so you don’t have to believe them. You can go study abroad.

Study in UK consultants can help you if you don’t believe me also regarding these rumours, as Study in UK consultants will give you all the correct information. Well, not only that, but you can also contact overseas education consultants as overseas education consultants to help students know who to study abroad.

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