15 Content Creators on TikTok

15 Content Creators on TikTok

One of the things that makes TikTok such a popular comprar seguidores twitter platform is that videos can be able to be viral within a short time. That means the most popular users and creators of TikTok can also change rapidly. Therefore, this list isn’t purely based on followers count. Instead, we’ve attempted to be authentic by identifying TikTok users with the highest credibility by taking things like the average number of views and comments for video and likes.

  1. Patrick Barnes

Patrick Barnes is one of the most well-known creators of dog-related videos. His path to TikTok fame began when he made videos using his white Poodle Quincy during summer break when he was a student. However, as one would think, the main highlight of his videos is Quincy. Besides being skilled at “singing”, Quincy has several other quirks that she has shared in short sketches with more than two million followers.

A video among his top-rated concerns how he reacts to the house owner, Patrick having been “attacked” by the vacuum cleaner. The video has received more than eight million views and more than 78,000 comments. It was also featured in Newsweek’s list of the hilarious dog videos of 2021.

  1. Jenn Melon

Based out of Chicago, Illinois, Jenn Melon is a comedian, writer and social media celebrity. Although she has “only” 2 million users on TikTok, certain her videos receive as many as 35 million viewers. In addition, she has received over 123 million likes on the site. In addition, little is  about the upcoming TikTok creator.

  1. Joshua Garcia

Although he only has one or two videos on the TikTok accounts, Hype Auditor lists Joshua Garcia as a Filipino actor from the Philippines, among the most popular TikTok creators concerning authenticity. He’s certainly one of the TikTok creators you’d like to keep a watch for in 2022. For example, one of his dance videos was able to get 20 million views within 22 hours of uploading the video.

He joined TikTok in December 2021. In the short time he has been on the site, the platform has grown followers to 5.6 million, and close to 31 million viewers have viewed his content over time.

  1. How Ridiculous

How Ridiculous is akin to the Australian version of Dude Perfect. If you’re not acquainted with Dude Perfect, but you’re not sure what it is, it’s a group of men engaging in outrageous challenges, trick shots, and even experiments. How absurd, you think? One of their most-watched content on TikTok is how they explode a 40-foot balloon in slow motion. They often throw objects, such as bowling balls, household appliances, and even bowling balls, onto other objects over 40plus meters.

The story began when Brett Stanford, Derek Herron, and Scott Gaunson, the three of them, met at church. After 13 years, there are more than eleven million users on TikTok and close to 230 million followers on their likes. According to Hype Auditor, their videos get more than 68 on average.

Alongside TikTok, they have a massive following on YouTube with more than 360 videos. For even more hilarious videos, look up the Instagram account.

  1. Charli D’Amelio

Charli D’Amelio is among the most popular celebrities on TikTok. In March 2022, she’s in the top spot as a TikTok person with the highest number of followers on the platform, according to Social tracker. Because TikTok is mostly associated with dance-related videos, it’s not a surprise that Charli was able to rise to the ranks on TikTok through her dance videos.

The dance videos she has posted may be gaining popularity on TikTok However, and she’s also managed to increase her popularity across other platforms, such as television. In 2020, for instance, she was a guest on the show The Tonight Show. Additionally, she launched her television show, The D’Amelio Show, in which she is the main character in the lead role.

Her content has brought her many nominations and awards, including Creative of the Year and Breakout Creator. It’s possible that she only joined TikTok only a few months after her first appearance, but her achievements are too numerous to list.

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In the last few months, she has been nominated for a Children’s Choice Award in the category of the most popular female creator. Other famous names included in the nominations are Addison Rae and Emma Chamberlain. Another significant milestone she’s recently celebrated was her move from her parents’ home. When you consider that she’s only 17 years old, the accomplishments she’s managed to achieve through (and without) TikTok are more impressive.

  1. Khabane Lame

born in Senegal, Khaby (more formally called Khabane) is another comic content creator who’s enjoyed massive popularity on TikTok. The story of his life is about how one creator was able to make money from social media platforms following the reductions (he is among the many thousands of workers who have lost their job due to the COVID-19 virus).

Perhaps the key to the success of TikTok is his distinctive style. Without even uttering any words, he relies on his unique facial expressions for funny skits of the ways people get by simple tasks like cutting cakes or opening a car’s door.

This strategy has allowed him to gain over 134 million people on TikTok. The most impressive part is that more than two billion people have liked his content until now.

  1. Fernanfloo

To see more dance videos, You can also look up Fernand the Flood (or, more specifically, Luis Fernando Flores Alvarado). Originating originally from El Salvador, he’s one of the most popular male creators on TikTok, with the largest following and more than 13 million users.

But, not all his TikTok videos show how he mastered difficult dance moves. Recently, he posted a video that tried to recreate the legendary dance routine that Raw Alejandro performed. But, he miscalculated the amount of space available, and the result was a light bulb that goes out of the sky. Thankfully, his standing was not  on the platform, and the video garnered over 18 million views and 3 million hearts.

Before joining TikTok, He also started his own YouTube channel, on which his largest viewers can be found. Contrary to TikTok, where he posts videos mostly of dance, the YouTube channel is mostly devoted to hilarious gaming videos.

  1. Mark Cannataro

Mark Cannataro is a video content creator based in Toronto. As per the profile on his LinkedIn page, the profile says that he founded Mark Cannataro Films more than six years ago in November of 2015 and joined TikTok in April 2021.

On TikTok, the popular social media platform, he’s become famous for his animated versions of the most popular TikTok trends. The main stars of his humorous videos include Batman, Star Wars, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Mario Kart. In the words of his creator, he is a specialist in 3D absurdity. If you’re looking for pop culture references, you should visit the profile on his TikTok account.

He has over four million users on TikTok. However, he also has managed to get Mark Hamill (better known as Luke Skywalker) to laugh. According to Hype Auditor, his videos receive an average of 13 million views and more than 21,000 shares.

  1. Alyssa Lauren

Alyssa Lauren is most well-known for the content she creates and publishes on YouTube. The famous video maker is in her channel Trey and the Alyssa YouTube channel. It’s a couple of channels on which the couple takes part in challenges, games, and the making (a kind of show about eating popular throughout Asia).

Although she may be unable to attract millions of users on TikTok, her videos receive millions of views per day on average, as per Hype Auditor. In addition, on average, her posts get 1.6 million views. If you’re into food challenges, make sure to watch her videos. Her TikTok videos show that diversity is the spice of life, from spicy chips and wings to vegan tacos.

  1. Nick Kroll

has many titles.  describes himself as among the top-rated actors, creators, producers, writers, and actors on his website. The New York Times has declared him “the Picasso of Puberty”, and Vanity Fair has described the Emmy-nominated Netflix series Big Mouth that he has co-created as one of the most authentic portrayals of growing in adolescence. In reality, the actor is not just an actor with many titles and one of the voices. With Big Mouth, he also sings in over 30 voices.

On TikTok, there are 1.4 million users. As per Hype Auditor, the posts are around 8.5 million times per day.

If you’d rather watch his television show, He has developed an all-new TV show called Human Resources, set to debut on Netflix beginning in March 2022. The show’s setting will be like Big Mouth but will concentrate on comedy at work.

  1. servo.dolo

Cervo Dollo model is also a TikTok creator from the US. He’s mostly interested in sharing funny videos and uploads videos where his lip-syncs and dance moves are also included. If you enjoy Krabi’s style of video style, look into the content on his TikTok account.

As of the writing time for this piece, he had more than 7 million fans. In addition, according to Hype Auditor, the videos he posts generate more than 10,000 comments per day, and he’s found the best way to get the people he wants to reach.

  1. Tucker Bedzin

Tucker Budzyn has managed to recover a large amount of money for the owner, who is the person who created his Tucker Budzyn TikTok account. As per The National, he’s one of the top 10 wealthiest pets whose estimated worth is $1.5 million.

If you cannot get enough dog videos, you’ll be  to know that Tucker is also a father to Todd. We’re sure his mom Linda is  with this chance to make more videos.

According to Hype Auditor, the tales that follow Tucker (and Todd) get around 5.6 million views. Who could not share those adorable little balls of fluffy? Not their loyal audience comprised of the 10 million TikTok users. Hype Auditor also shows that their videos are nearly 40,000 times on average. That’s more than Charli D’Amelio.

  1. B. Dylan Hollis

For content on cooking, make sure you check for B. Dylan Hollis on TikTok. Although he has a wide range of content on TikTok, the Bermudian artist and creator have recently focused more on what he’s doing in the kitchen.

Recently, he posted a video of him baking a centuries-old dessert called water pie. While the video may have gone viral, his perspective on the dish isn’t amazing. In contrast to his food and his jokes, his comedy is dull. If this is your favorite beverage, take a seat and prepare for a feast of classic cooking and a dose of fun.

  1. Kimberly Louisa

The majority of the most popular creators on TikTok areon creating video clips of dance; Kimberly Louisa tries to be a music-focused creator. Her home is Mexico. She’s listed as the 3rd highest-quality influencer in Mexico and among the top influencers with the highest authenticity worldwide.

Alongside her music and dance videos, her other talents include vlogs and challenge videos. She recently released an original song and music video to mark the birthday of her first son.

  1. Sabrina Mae

Sabrina is a pro-level dancer and video producer, and cosplayer. If you’re trying to figure out how she can perform certain moves and moves, she’s also a STOTT certified Pilates instructor. So, please don’t blame yourself for being unable to duplicate her dance routines in the mirror.


Since the first TikTok video, which was posted nearly three years ago, posts have been viewed by an impressive 14 million views.

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