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3 Spectacular Places To Witness In Mizoram

Northeast destinations in India are a gift to the world. The natural beauty surrounding the places is worth exploring. This blog talks about Mizoram, one of the eight incredible northeastern states here. Evergreen hills, lush green forests, rivers, lakes, and valleys in and around make the attraction incredible.

The region, also called the Land of Blue Mountains, is because the mountainious parts of Phawngpui get surrounded by stretches of clouds, making it look bluer. If you’re planning a visit, might talk to the best North East tour operator to benefit your trip in every way possible. From your trip guide, expect all-inclusive help regarding travel and tourism.

Hiring a Tour Operator

A trusted, reputed expert team possesses A1 destination knowledge, including the ideal time, climate, transportation, accommodation location, reactional activities, and so on. Mizoram includes a pleasant and moderate climate that remains throughout the year. But the Rainy season is heavier and tends to stay longer.

Nothing could be so good as choosing a privileged location based on your destination. For example, if you want to visit Aizawl and nearby areas, here, you have to book a hotel that lets you reach attractions without hassles. Transportation can be a big hassle if your accommodation location is not in ideal proximity to the attractions.

Since travel agencies have exclusive ideas, they ensure error-free plans to make your experiences top-notch. Arrangements involve transportation, air ticketing, accommodation booking, etc. based on client preferences. This blog shares only three most-loved places in Mizoram. Read on to have further insights into this topic.

Top Three Mizoram Destinations

Here’re 3 spectacular destinations that can turn your Mizoram visit more remarkable than ever:

#1 Aizawl

The capital of Mizoram sits at an elevation of 1,132 m, Aizawl is a core attraction of tribal culture. Apart from its cultural essence, this city is a center of political and administrative affairs. Covered by the lofty peaks belonging to Durtlang, Aizawl sits in the north-central segment of the Mizoram. It’s a perfect concoction of natural beauty and culture.

A moderate, sub-tropical climate dominates Aizawl. You can approach the city any time during the year. If you’re into a nature retreat, this picturesque city visit can be the choicest option in Mizoram. And true said that your Mizoram visit remains incomplete without Aizawl.

#2 Tam Dil Lake

Nestled at a distance of about 64 km from Aizawl, Tam Dil refers to a human-made reservoir lake. The name defines meaning as ‘Lake of Mustard’ in Mizo. The splendid landscape of the natural beauty of Tam Dil Lake is sure to fill your heart with delight. The evergreen tropical forests and rich sea life engage tourist attention towards Tam Dil.

Planning a stay here? Well, there’re a few exclusive lake-side resorts accessible to spend some quality days. At the same, it’s a serene spot, ideal for picnics. Boating facilities are available. So, you can relish boating indulgence in Tam Dil Lake. Talk to your North East tour operator for optimum fun.

#3 Vantawng Waterfalls

One of the most-loved tourist attractions lies in Mizoram, Vantawng Falls, is about 92 km away from Aizawl. The two-tiered waterfalls coming down in the heart of the stretches of greens seem to be a stream of milk. This unmatched beauty of Vantawng Waterfall is another major attraction in Mizoram. Reach out to your domestic tour operator today.

This is the highest fall in Mizoram, including a height of 750ft. Did you know this waterfall has achieved 13th rank of the highest waterfalls in the county? Yes. September to January is considered to be the best time to explore the uninterrupted sights of Vantagwng Waterfalls. Reach out to your domestic tour operator today.

To conclude, there’re other stunning attractions in Mizoram as well. You may consider professional guidance to explore effectively as possible. Reputed travel agencies always listen to your preferences and have proper accreditation. Therefore, if you consider a guide, check their authenticity well prior to booking.


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