5 Easy Ways to Increase Your Protein Intake

One of the most significant nutritional factors in fitness is adequate protein consumption. Whether you’re on a low-fat diet to lose weight or working out hard in the gym to build muscle, you’ll need to take enough protein each day to see the results you want. And, while it’s simple to read about high-protein diets and incorporating protein powder shakes, protein bar and truffles into your nutrition plan online, implementing these adjustments can be more difficult. If you want to attain a fitness goal that involves a considerably higher level of protein intake than you’re used to, you’ll need to step outside of your comfort zone and try new things. Keep reading this blog to learn more.

Tips to Increase Your Protein Intake

You don’t have to go it alone, thankfully! Many people have been able to gradually increase their daily protein consumption by implementing a few simple yet effective tactics. Here are five helpful hints to help you acquire enough protein in your diet so you can reshape your body the way you want it.

Tip 1: Research

Things move quickly in the fitness and nutrition sector. Sure, whey protein powder drinks and chicken breast have been staples in fitness diets for decades and will most likely continue to be so for a long time. However, there are a plethora of additional excellent protein sources that you may be unaware of. Protein powder manufactured from a range of sources, including hemp, casein, and peas, is available on the market today.

Tip 2: Schedule your protein intake

We are more likely to increase our protein intake if we arrange it ahead of time, just like we do with exercise, meditation, and relaxation time. That doesn’t mean you have to calculate every gramme of protein before you consume it! It’s simple to begin by including protein into your routine a couple times each week and then gradually increase your intake.

Tip 3: Try different forms of protein

Are you the type of person who becomes accustomed to eating only a few types of meals all of the time? Perhaps you can’t get enough peanut butter, or you serve black beans with practically every meal. There’s nothing fundamentally wrong with eating the same items on a regular basis. In fact, tracking protein, carbohydrates, and other macro nutrients in this manner is a frequent strategy for those who want to avoid having to constantly include new items into their tracking routine.

However, for those who are trying to acquire enough protein each day, variation might be a useful strategy. One simple technique to create variety is to switch a food for one that you consume frequently. If you can’t get enough cottage cheese, try egg whites — both foods are high in protein and are frequent in the diets of those who practise healthy eating, which simply means eating foods that help you accomplish your fitness goals.

Tip 4: Cycle protein throughout the week

There’s no reason to compel yourself to eat the same amount of protein every day, especially if your duties and schedule vary on different days of the week. Assume you lift weights three times per week for muscle growth and want to ingest 130 grams of protein per day to meet your daily objective. If you eat 150 grams of protein on days when you lift and 115 grams of protein on days when you don’t, your weekly protein consumption remains the same: 130 * 7 = 910 = (150 * 3) + (115 * 4).

Tip 5: Try new recipes with the same foods

Some of the most common protein sources, such as hummus, chickpeas, and nut butter, can be prepared or incorporated into recipes in a variety of ways. The same holds true for lean animal protein sources such as turkey and chicken. For example, if you generally cook chicken breast in a marinade of olive oil, basil, and lemon juice on the stove, you could try combining it with some high-protein veggies like soybeans and edamame and baking them together in the oven. If you commonly use mozzarella cheese in a recipe, you might swap or add ricotta, a cheese noted for its high protein level. Ricotta cheese has roughly 24 grams of protein per cup.

Final Thoughts

Clean Protein’s High nutrition protein bars and are portable and truffles can assist you in meeting your personal health goals, such as weight loss and muscle gain. Check the protein bar nutrition label to ensure that they match your nutritional needs while keeping you in shape.

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