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5 Factors On Which The Hair Transplant Cost Depends

Hair transplants are becoming popular because they give patients reliable results, and they don’t have to spend any more money on expensive products. People want permanent solutions to their problems as there is enough on their plate already, and dealing with hair loss can be very disturbing as it affects the whole personality of a person. Hair transplants include many options such as; follicular unit extraction (FUE), follicular unit transplantation (FUT), SMP (scalp micro pigmentation), and PRP (platelet-rich plasma). Also, hair transplant los angeles cost is an important factor for people when they decide to take a hair transplant. Everyone wants a budget-friendly treatment that can solve their problems and doesn’t disturb their budget. But in fact, when it comes to transplants, such a mindset won’t work. Many factors affect the cost of a hair transplant.

Factors on which hair transplant Los Angeles costs depend

The following are some of the factors on which hair transplant Los Angeles costs depend. Let’s have a look at them:

1. Area of baldness

The degree of your baldness will determine how many hair grafts you need to cover it. If your situation is difficult, which means you are suffering from a greater degree of hair loss, then the cost of the transplant will surely get high.

2. Hair grafts

Per graft cost varies. It starts from $6.96 and goes up to $12. The price will be determined by the clinic policies. Some clinics, because of their popularity and services, charge more than usual. The more bald area will mean more hair grafts, which will mean more prices.

3. Recipient area

Most hair grafts are taken from the back of the scalp and make the transplant affordable, while in some cases, people don’t have enough hair on the back of their scalp. In this case, the physician will take out healthy hair strands from different parts of the body. This factor increases the cost of hair transplants. Extracting them from other parts of the body takes more time and energy.

4. Type of hair transplant

The type of hair transplant that your doctor is suggesting also affects the price of your transplant. People who are suffering from complete baldness are advised to have a scalp micro pigmentation procedure. There are many options available; follicular unit extraction takes out hair follicles one by one and thus charges more than follicular unit transplantation, which takes out a strip from the back of your scalp. Other options include a PRP hair treatment, which uses our blood plasma to induce the growth of inactive hair follicles. All hair transplants cost depends. It’s best to go with your hair transplant surgeon’s choice, as they know and understand better about these procedures.

5. Choice of doctor

The choice of doctor is also a very crucial factor that affects the cost of your hair transplant. A professional, trained, experienced, and certified doctor will charge you more than regular ones. They will make sure that you get the best results. They do proper planning and inform you about it above the date of your transplant. They will guide you through every step and aftercare precautions. They possess artistic skills and improved knowledge. So, getting a hair transplant from a doctor who has a long list of impressive work will charge you more.


The hair transplant Los Angeles cost depends on many factors. The blog has been divided into five main factors. These factors include the degree of hair loss a person is facing. More hair loss means more cost. Per hair, graft cost depends from clinic to clinic. More areas will require more hair grafts. The type of hair transplant will also affect the cost of your transplant. Lastly, the choice of your doctor also affects the cost of your hair transplant.

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