5 Non-Traditional Men’s Wedding Looks To Try

Many events in life are worth preparing, sacrificing, and dressing up for, like weddings. Weddings are momentous life milestones couples have to honour their love and respect for each other. And frankly, weddings are one of the most important events that many people have in their lives. 

Traditionally, the bride would wear a white wedding gown, while the groom would wear a black suit and tie. But since times are changing, people are now more expressive and experimental with fashion. Men now have more freedom to play with colours, patterns, and styles in what they wear.

At weddings, guests’ eyes usually lean towards the bride’s dress. Sadly, there are times when guests fail to pay more attention to the groom and his overall look. The thing is, dressing up for your wedding comes with a lot of pressure. Even though you and your fiance say it doesn’t matter what people think, there’s still pressure in presenting and showing the best wedding look on your special day.

If you want to go for a unique and fresh look on your special day, no one’s stopping you. After all, you’re the man of the hour on that momentous day. But if you need an extra hand, here are five non-traditional men’s wedding looks you might want to try.

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1 – Go for a different colour for your suit and tie. 

Typically, grooms would wear neutral and earth-tone colours at their weddings. It’s rare to see grooms going for a brighter and more striking colour because that’s not what traditional weddings do. But then again, since this is your wedding, you’re the one who’ll make the rules.

With that, why don’t you consider trying a different colour for your suit, tie, and slacks? You can surely rock a powder pink suit and slacks and complete it with a pink necktie. If you’re worried that people might think pink’s too feminine, don’t even break a sweat. Why? Because if you look at menswear fashion brands, they have a dedicated section for pink ties specifically for weddings.

Or you can also rock an all-violet suit, slack, and tie. Whatever colour it is that you and your fiance would like to try, go for it. It’s your day to enjoy anyway.

2 – Rock it with denim.

If you and your fiance are into a laid-back and casual look, I suggest trying a denim look for your wedding. Who says you can’t get married in your favourite faded old blue jeans and denim jacket? Also, with this look, you can even wear your favourite Jordan shoes on your special day. Of course, you can still wear leather shoes if that’s your preference.

This look will rock if your bride-to-be is also down to wear a denim dress on your special day. If your bride insists on wearing a traditional wedding dress, I’d suggest matching her outfit with a good suit and tie look instead. But if you still want to incorporate denim, you can look for a denim necktie that you can use to complete your look.

3 – Ditch the suit and stick with your favourite polo and slacks for a more comfortable look.

Many men look good in a white long-sleeve polo, matching with earth-tone slacks. And if you and your fiance are having a garden wedding, this look will surely be perfect. If your bride-to-be doesn’t also fancy an extravagant wedding dress, this look will match hers perfectly.

You can go for any long-sleeved polo colour of your choice. You can wear dark denim jeans instead if you don’t like to wear slacks. Don’t forget to complete your look with your favourite wristwatch and other jewellery to add details to your overall look. The styling of your hair could also help elevate your outfit, so don’t take small finishes for granted.

4 – Replace your suit with a leather bomber jacket and Chuck Taylors. 

If you and your fiance love rock music or are simply into leather-related looks, why don’t you replace your suit with a leather bomber jacket instead? If your bride-to-be fancies wearing a leather jacket on top of her wedding dress, why not match hers? Your guests will surely love your dapper wedding look. 

You can also pair your leather bomber jacket with your favourite Converse chuck Taylor or Vans Skateboard shoes. You and your fiance will surely enjoy dancing and partying in those comfortable shoes. After all, you should be dancing freely and comfortably on that memorable day. 

5 – Get married in the clothes you both wore when you first met. 

Last but not least is to get married in the clothes you both wore when you first met. If you and your fiance like how both of you looked when your paths crossed, why don’t you consider recreating those looks if you no longer have the clothes with you? Don’t you think it would be fun to get married while remembering the first memorable day you met each other?

If you and your fiance already have your suit and dress made, I suggest doing this during your wedding reception. If you want to surprise your fiance, this is a great way to remind her of how you first met. Butterflies will undoubtedly swarm around her stomach once you show up in your “first meeting” clothes. 

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Remember it’s your wedding to have, so it’s best to enjoy yourself in the clothes you like. 

I hope you find these looks helpful in deciding what to wear on your wedding day. Remember that it’s your wedding, so it’s best to enjoy yourself in the clothes you like. I know there’s pressure to go with the traditional looks that we’re familiar with–but you have the choice to do what you want. What matters is that you and your fiance are happy and comfortable getting married in the clothes of your preference. 

About the author:

Bianca Banda is a writer for Rael Brook, a menswear retailer from London providing quality shirts and accessories in a range of colours, designs, and fabrics, to men across the globe. 

Bianca Banda

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