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5 Project Ideas To Train In Web Development

When you want to train in web development, you have to keep in mind that nothing can replace practice . Reading tutorials, watching training videos all of this is important of course. You have to take interest in theory, it’s unavoidable. But the reflex that you must acquire is to quickly put this theoretical knowledge into practice. The only way to really assimilate is to move on to concrete realization. You can take the services of Web Development Agency in Germany

This is the reason why, whoever has a specific web project in mind (project that is feasible for a beginner of course) leaves with an advantage. When you are motivated by a project, you learn faster, and you have the opportunity to take concrete action. For those who don’t have a precise idea, here are some types of projects that an apprentice developer can begin on as part of their training.

A WordPress showcase site for a friend / acquaintance

Training in web development means knowing how to progress gradually. Rather than starting directly with the creation of a complex project where you will have to code everything yourself, learning how to use a CMS like WordPress can be a relevant choice.

Do you have a friend or acquaintance who has let you know that he might need a small showcase site to, for example, give visibility to his professional, associative, cultural or other activity? He is not ready, or does not really need to pay a professional. Take the opportunity to do it yourself! First, you will be doing a favor to a loved one. Second, you will have the opportunity to practice on a concrete project. Third, it will make you a project to add to your portfolio.

I mentioned WordPress as a CMS to create this showcase site because it is the best known and the most used. In absolute terms, you can very well create this site with another CMS. But WordPress is practical, and, above all, because of its popularity , acquiring skills on WordPress seems to me to be an interesting axis.

A no-code / low-code project

No – code is a trend that has been gaining more and more momentum in recent years. Many tools such as Webflow , Bubble or even Adalo give you the possibility of creating web sites and applications without actually having to code. At the same time, some tools are now halfway between no-code and traditional code. This is called low-code . As the name suggests, these are tools that require coding, in a light way. These tendencies aim to make accessible, to people who are not web professionals, the realization of tasks or projects that could not, until now, be carried out only by developers. We will soon write an article on this subject.

But, if these tools are intended for an audience of non-developers, why use them as part of my training?

If you are at the beginning of your training, no-code tools can be a good way to get started in the realization of web projects, and therefore to train in web development. You will certainly not code, or very little, but you will still learn things. The code is certainly a fundamental part of a web project. But it’s not just that. Learning to develop a web project means understanding how to structure your project, how to present it visually , how to store and organize data , how to refine ergonomics , etc. And no-code / low-code allows you to practice above.

Also, as I said, it’s a growing trend. Acquiring skills on a no-code / low-code tool is potentially positioning yourself on a know-how that will be more and more in demand.

A web application MVP

An MVP (Minimum Valuable Product) is basically a minimal version of a project, allowing an idea to be tested . In the world of startups, to test a concept, rather than directly developing a total version of the app that we thought of, we first develop an MVP of it, in order to see if it generates interest. interest, and if this idea deserves to be explored and exploited. The goal is to avoid wasting time unnecessarily. Have you ever thought of an idea for a web or mobile application that could work? Try to estimate if, from the level you have, you are able to develop yourself an MVP of this project (ask advice from more experienced people). If so, why not get started?

A Discord bot

Are you used to using Discord ? Many tutorials explain how to develop a Discord bot. It’s a completely affordable exercise for a beginner, and will allow you to practice on a short and fun project .


Most web projects are now structured in the form of APIs . Having skills in this area is important. By developing an API, you will only focus on backend development. Do you like quotes from great authors? Build a database (classic, SQL type, or no-code via Airtable) in which you group many citations that you reference by author, date, etc. Then start developing an API system that will allow easy access to citations based on the parameters specified in the query. You can then, for example, connect your API system to that of Facebook or Twitter by creating a system that will automatically publish one of the quotes contained in your database on your profile page.

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