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5 Things to Consider When Moving to a Bigger City

Mankind is known to travel from one part of the world to another. One does not need to be like Alexander to conquer the world, but migration won’t hurt you if done for the right purposes. People want to move to new places for multiple reasons like exploring, traveling, educational purposes, or even new jobs(Moving to a Bigger City). 

Sometimes they want to move to a bigger city to upgrade their lifestyle in a better way. With time, smaller cities may develop, but the slow progress and limited development in terms of facilities and amenities. Perhaps it’s a contributing factor to moving to a bigger city. 

Some people are reluctant to move to a new city; therefore, this blog will help our readers to understand the factors they should consider when moving. 

Why Move to a Bigger City?

In a country like Pakistan, it becomes compulsory to move for the obvious reasons we mentioned above. Life is peaceful in a small town, but for how long? It’s time we talk about it in detail. 

  1. The Healthcare 

Pandemic taught us one thing; healthcare workers are life saviors. The lack of proper facilities in smaller cities is a hurdle for the residents. Moving to a bigger city, like Lahore, eliminates that problem. 

Bigger cities have better facilities than small towns or rural areas so that a person can get comprehensive medical care, health insurance, and other fringe benefits in any health-related emergency. For instance, patients from far away visit Lahore for their cancer treatments. That’s all because of the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research. The government took an initial step. 

  1. Housing Schemes 

Once you move to a big city, where do you plan to live? The property rates have skyrocketed since the pandemic. For families planning to make a big move, they should consider various housing schemes offering quarterly payments. For example, Lahore Smart City in Pakistan is a prestigious real estate project gaining popularity because of the amenities and facilities they provide. Bahria Town and Kings Town are yet other examples. 

Buying land in a housing scheme project guarantees profitable returns even before constructing your house there. With time the land’s market value will increase, so you can even sell it further. 

However, even if you have built a farmhouse in rural areas, the surrounding land may not offer the same quality of modern facilities. 

  1. Education 

How many schools can provide quality education with limited resources? Another drawback of living in a small town is moving away from home once a child outgrows the education level. 

Whereas in the bigger city, your child has the freedom to get enrolled in a better school despite the limited budget you may have. At the graduation level, government-based universities are often considered a relief because of their moderate fee structure. But one should expect an increase in expenses in terms of education. 

  1.  Mode of Transportation 

Lahore is a densely populated city. 24/7, you will find roads jam-packed with vehicles. People prefer to travel in their vehicles, but what to do if you do not own a car?

Mercifully, in a big city like Lahore, the government had taken initiatives to ease the burden on the local citizens by providing Metro Bus and Orange Train. These commuting projects are helpful for everyday workers and even several white-collar jobholders. Besides, if the stop is far from your home, you can always book an Uber or a Careem through a mobile app. 

  1. Living Standard 

Cities draw diversity from surrounding areas. That’s why bigger cities always have a certain appeal considering the collective cultures that take shape. The culture in a bigger city is more exciting. Sure, it may take some getting used to the fact that the way of living is different. However, for many, it can be a cultural shock and not in a good way. People can have a hard time adjusting to a new language even! 

So when planning a move, you should consider the city carefully. 


Migration is part of one’s life. For whatever reason, you plan to move to a bigger city, keep an open mind, and accept that expenses will increase too. And you need to find the best mode of transportation to move around. In the end, it will work in your favor! 

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