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5 types of Neurology illnesses that you do not have to ignore

The nervous system helps the body take action towards the command given by the brain. It allows humans to feel, sense, etcetera according to the situation. Nowadays, people always experience tensions, anxiety, and depression that sometimes negatively impact their minds. It leads to several ailments related to nerves and the brain. If you are experiencing any ups and downs in your brain and nervous system, visit the Best Neurology Hospital in Punjab, where well-qualified neuro specialists will help you deal with these illnesses. Additionally, if you seek an experienced Neurologist in Punjab, contact the Neuro Life Brain & Spine Centre.

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Five ordinary Neurology illnesses

A report says that approximately one billion people are suffering from neurological diseases; even thousands of people have died because of severe ups and downs in the brain or central nervous system. Neurology disorders consist following conditions:

  • Headache: Headache is an ordinary disease seen in individuals of all ages, whether young, children, and old age people. This occurs in many cases, such as when people do not get the required sleep, get tense about any severe matter, constantly thinking, coughing, sneezing, etc. It is happening in the form of migraine, clusters, sinus, and tension.
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  • Migraine: nowadays, the problem of migraine can cause severe pulsing sensation and throbbing pain on the backside of the head. This heavy pain causes vomiting, extreme sensitivity to light and sound, nausea, etc. It is a constant type of headache that can commonly be seen in people who are more likely to use computers.

  • Sinus: It causes severe pain in the center part of the head from nose to forehead. The sinusitis may feel infection, putting more pressure on your cheeks, nose, and forehead. This may happen while coughing and sneezing.

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  • Tension: It is a dull pain and pressure around your forehead and neck that will continue until you take medication and get rid of your problem. Tension headache puts more stress on your eyes and internal veins of your brain that sometimes turns into a high fever.

  • Cluster headaches: Cluster headaches basis on cyclical patterns. It can occur suddenly in the form of midnight instant pain in your head that will awaken you. This type of headache is excruciating as compared to others.

  • Stroke: Stroke happens when there is a blockage in the blood supply or starvation of oxygen in the blood and does not reach the brain. It is also famous for brain attacks or damage. Sometimes, it is critical, and the patient can die if it occurs one day.

  • Epilepsy: Epilepsy leads to abnormality of electrical activity in internal parts of the brain and causes seizures.

  • Parkinson’s Disease: Parkinson’s Disease leads to weak or dead brain cells that later turn into brain tumors and tremors in the body parts such as legs, jaws, hands, etcetera.

  • Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease: Dementia is a prevalent type of disease in which a patient can lose their memory. It occurs when a person gets shocked, sees unnatural happenings, and in accident situations, etc.


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