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6 Ways To Clean Silver Jewellery At Home

Silver jewellery is a trendsetter. These days young ladies love to flaunt their silver earrings and necklaces, and why not? Silver jewellery pieces are something which can never get old fashioned. Mostly every lady possesses silver necklaces, silver anklets, and Sterling Silver Dangle Drop Earrings for fashion. However, silver needs to be cleaned regularly to maintain its shine for years. In this blog, we 犀利士
are going to discuss some effective methods to clean silver jewellery. 

Ways To Clean Silver Jewellery

There are several ways to clean silver jewellery. The method that you choose will depend on how tarnished the piece is, what materials you have on hand, and how careful you want to be. Check with the manufacturer’s care instructions if you bought your Sterling Silver Jewellery online. Silver jewellery cleaning products are also available at the stores. You can clean silver jewellery with the methods listed below.

Using Soap And Water 

Start the jewellery cleaning process by using a gentle, fragrance-free soap diluted in warm water. It removes dust and grime, improves the appearance of your jewellery, and also removes any tarnish lurking underneath. Clean the silver with a soft cloth.

An alternative to cloth would be to use a soft-bristled brush, but be careful not to scratch the surface. Rinse your jewellery thoroughly with clean water to remove soap residue and any other chemicals. After that, dry your pieces well and quickly clean them with a soft cloth.

Using Silver Dip

If you own silver jewellery, you should use silver dip to remove stains. This tip works well for light tarnish, but if your jewellery is heavily tarnished, you should opt for electrochemical cleaning or silver polish. Make sure you follow the instructions provided with the specific silver dip. Also, ensure that you thoroughly rinse the jewellery with the chemicals. 

Using Jewellery Polishing Cloth

Silver cleaning kits should include a good quality silver polishing cloth. Jewellery polishing cloths can remove heavy tarnish from silver but aren’t as effective as our homemade electrochemical cleaning method. You can give your jewellery a beautiful shine by using a jewellery polishing cloth as It is more gentle than silver polish.

Chemicals embedded within metal polishing cloths can be used to remove tarnish from jewellery. The silver jewellery should not be rubbed too aggressively with the cloth as this may scratch the silver.

Homemade Electrochemical Silver Jewellery Cleaner

The method is low-tech and eco-friendly, and it works well for removing heavier tarnishes without damaging the silver. Take a small glass or ceramic bowl and cover its bottom with a piece of aluminum foil. Add one cup of hot water to the bowl, along with the following ingredients:

  • 1 tablespoon of baking soda
  • A tablespoon salt
  • 1 tablespoon of gentle detergent 

As soon as the jewellery is ready, place it in the bowl on top of the foil, covered with solution, and leave it to sit. It will take about 5 to 10 minutes to remove the jewellery . You can then discard the solution and foil, which might have turned mottled gray. If necessary, repeat the procedure with a new mixture and fresh foil.

After this process, it is important to rinse your jewellery thoroughly to remove the electrolytes. Using silver polishing cloth, you can then remove any remaining particles that can be left behind by this method. Furthermore, it helps slow down future tarnish and gives your pieces some shine.

Using Silver Polish Or Cream

We recommend using a silver polish with care because it is always abrasive. Silver polishes of better quality will generally be kinder, but they won’t be as gentle as a silver dip, electrochemical cleaning, or a silver polishing cloth. We generally recommend using them only on more heavily tarnished jewellery and only when they are needed.

Rinsing And Drying 

Be careful during the process. Clean water should be used to rinse your jewellery, and the water should reach every crevice. You may place the rinsed pieces on a good-quality paper towel to absorb water drops. Remove any moisture with a dry, soft cloth.

Final Words 

That was all about cleaning silver jewels. Use one of the above-given methods to clean your silver jewels. In the end, do not forget to dry out the moisture using a soft piece of cloth. I hope you like the blog, and if you like it, then you can leave the comments below in the comments section.


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