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7+ Important Things to Keep in Mind During Drug Testing

Many businesses use laboratory-based urine drug tests because it has the capacity and a proven methodology to detect subscribed and illicit drugs in the system. It can also withstand many legal challenges. Hundreds of urine test types are available in the market now to see almost any substance that needs to be tested. In this post, we are going to explore various forms of drug tests. Drug tests help employers identify potential employees. Finding those who are going against the company’s policies by abusing drugs is also a good process. The test is often conducted in a clinic for drug testing.

Urine tests

Urine tests

The most regularly used form of drug test in most a clinic for drug testing is the urine test. This type of drug test is performed from a urine specimen. Its accuracy level is relatively high thanks to its broad range of drug panels and proven methodology.

Highly reliable

The urine test is the most reliable of all specimen-type tests because it can detect all recent drugs used. It is also customizable and flexible. Another benefit of a urine test is that it is used in various testing situations. It is often used in random, follow-up, and pre-employment testing.

Detects various types of drugs

Various drugs are detectable with the test. It helps with the diagnostic tests for these drugs: barbiturates, marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines, benzodiazepines, synthetic cannabinoids, MDMA (ecstasy), and many more. There is hardly any form of drug that a urine test can’t detect. Many employers use this screening to evaluate their current or potential employees’ toxicity status.

It can detect the most recent drugs

Another reason why a urine test is the most preferred method of drug testing in a clinic for drug testing is due to its ability to detect the most recently used drugs. It can catch traces of drugs in the system that have been used in the previous 24 to 72 hours. However, you need to understand the level of detection may vary based on the person’s biology, the number of drugs ingested, and the type of drug used. You can easily take a urine test in the comfort of a restroom. To conduct a urine test, you need about 45 mL in the US Department of Transport or 30 mL in other regions.

Some may try to cheat on urine drug tests

A urine test is the most commonly used drug test worldwide. However, this does not make it foolproof. Many who want to cheat in this drug test add contaminants to the urine sample, diluting it. Some donors even try to substitute their urine samples. The trial ends up being harmful. It usually happens during the collection stage in a clinic for drug testing. However, putting up stringent measures while collecting urine samples prevents this from happening.

Only urine is approved as a specimen for Federal drug testing

Hospitals, schools, and other federal government institutions or offices. It usually maintains integrity. Sometimes specific government agencies carry out regulated urine tests. Most companies and employers utilize drug tests to see if their current or potential are component enough. Other tests include a blood test and hair test when conducting a DNA or paternity test. The accuracy of these tests varies, but the urine test is ultimately the best and most reliable. Individuals who use drugs while working lower the company’s integrity and reputation. Therefore, companies and institutions should take precautions and carry out drug tests to root out these spoiled individuals who may cost them revenue.


Always aim to get the best by opting for a drug test that produces the best results. Drug tests make it easier for potential employers to get their preferred candidates. During an interview for filling the position of a hospital or federal office, drug tests are done in a clinic for drug testing. Schools also carry out these tests to weed out “rotten potatoes” in schools. Drug tests often tell if a person is competent to stick to their duties while sober-minded all the time or not. As an employer, whichever test you use, ensure it meets your institution’s requirements.


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