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7 Quotes That Evolve The Real RANBIR KAPOOR

7 Quotes That Evolve The Real RANBIR KAPOOR

Ranbir Kapoor is an amazing actor in the Bollywood industry and no matter he has born with a silver spoon in his mouth but still he has no pride in it. He is the son of the Neetu Kapoor and Rishi Kapoor, recently his father passed away. That is a tragic shock for his family and the whole Bollywood industry, but that is the reality of the universe. Today people call him a mother’s son and he is too attached to his mother. From diet routine to other choices, still he has left all the decisions to his mother. Rumors are on the air that he is going to get married soon to the actress Alia Bhatt and let’s see how much it is true. This year if we talk about that how much work he has done then you could take a hint through Ranbir Kapoor’s net worth and it is about – $45 million. 

Here Are The Top 7 Phrases That He Has Shared In A Recent Interview 

  • “I am an actor who tries to sell movies so I am not here to create an image”  

He is quite a grounded type of person and never brings any kind of attitude toward the things that he didn’t own. Believes that he is an actor who likes to enjoy the process and he knows that – as an actor, he only needs to sell movies. Rest is not his priority! 

  • “Money is not a motivation for him” 

He is born with a silver spoon in his mouth and he didn’t feel the scarcity of money and that is why he doesn’t bother for money while working in this field. Today he has everything but just wants to get removed from the title tag of being a “star boy” and that hides his real identity of him including his potential. 

  • “Chemistry of a pair on screen is known only when the audience reacts to it” 

Two people work together because of the demand for scripts, there is no intention to live 

all the time. But people see it differently and add extra lime to it and this brings a difference in the relationship of being as co-actor or co-actress. The real thing has already brought madness after a certain interval of time but if you are not focussing on that then it will not bother you in any way. 

  • Feels

One of the traits he has revealed in front of his fans is that – he is like two poles apart from each other. Similarly, he feels shy in nature but when it comes to working then he is the one who passionately performs his duty. If you are a celebrity then it is crucial to stay away from shyness and face everything in life. 

  • “I don’t have any formula for success, it’s all about hard work”

In this life, most people chase for the formula to get success in life but trust that there is no formula that would help. Nothing is better than hard work and if you are someone who asked the billionaire how he has earned enough money. Then he will not show you the calculation of any reinvented formula, the only thing he will say is his hard work and patience to achieve this goal. Whether it’s about millionaires or middle-class people, everyone needs to do hard work to satisfy their hunger. 

  • “I want to protect the life, I don’t like to make it a reality show”

This phrase is for every Bollywood celebrity because it is the media that has ruined the life of most celebrities. For the sake of today’s post on the news channel, they cross all kinds of limits and disturb the peace of their home. That is why Ranbir wants to say it is crucial to give privacy to the life of actors. There is a life beyond the show, events, and movies for an actor, and that matters a lot for them. 

  • “There is always one person who we deeply love and that one person can also destroy us”

Only made for one woman and there is always one person who deserves your time, efforts, and space in your heart. But sometimes the love of someone destroys being a successful person. One thing is for sure maintain everything in life and taste each one.

Wrapping up – 

There are the following top 7 phrases that he has revealed during an interview and it’s all about him and what he thinks deliberately for life, and his career.

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