7 Ways Customer Portal Can Enhance Customer Experience

Every business wishes to provide service that builds a loyal customer base. Customer’s experience with your brand plays a huge role in this. Customers would not feel like purchasing from you again when you do not have time to listen to their queries. There is huge competition out there. They can easily find other sellers who offer better customer service.

Let us understand what a customer experience is and what we can do to enhance it.

What is Customer Experience?

Customer Experience is how customers interact and their experience with your business. It can be termed as their journey from exploring your brand to them becoming our loyal customers. To improve any customer’s journey, data is an essential part. If you have properly managed data then only you can use it to help them out. For that, CRM is a mandatory solution. But what about the interactions and engagement with your customers? To outperform your competitors and to provide the best customer experience to your customers, you can invest in a portal that serves all. Dynamics 365 portal is one such platform.Here are some ways that show how a Dynamics 365 customer portal can enhance customer experience.

Enhances Productivity of Customer Reps

Your customer reps can help customers efficiently when they have time to focus on their complex queries. Usually customer reps are spending most of the day behind resolving common queries. The number of such incoming tickets is also high, so it takes most of their time resolving those queries. But if you add a knowledge base, a community forum, and a live chatbot feature, you will observe a sudden decrease in incoming tickets. The customers can find solutions to frequently asked questions, knowledge bases and resolve low level issues. Thus, your sales reps will have more time to spend on important tasks and queries that require immediate actions.

There are two benefits from these: One is improved productivity of your customer reps and the other is your customers finding their own solution to queries. And the queries that require assistance are solved by the customer reps as soon as possible. You can be clear on the contact us section. Add all the channels that you provide with proper contact info so that customers can choose the channel of their choice.

24*7 Support

Managing staff 24*7 can be challenging and also expensive. It adds up a lot of work like managing their work schedule, time zones, their basic requirements, etc. Companies had to offer services to all their clients around the world, and so this was the only option they had. But with a customer portal, you can have self-service options for customers. So even if your sales reps are not available, customers can refer to the reliable source on your portal. The other benefit of offering self service is that you will have data of what queries are coming in more numbers. It will help you figure out the issue where your customers are facing difficulty. You can reach out to your customers who are already using that product or service, and explain to them what they can do if the issue arises in future. Thus, self-service is also helpful for proactive support.

Provides a Personalized Experience

Self-service enables support reps to have more time where they can communicate with the customers one on one to resolve complex issues. The attention from your end will make your customers feel that their problems are taken care of. This makes an impression of you as a business that values a customer. Such gestures toward customers enhances their overall experience with your business. This is possible by integrating the customer portal with your CRM and ticketing system. The agents can go through customers prior requests, if any, and offer personalized recommendations while communicating with them. Dynamics 365 customer portal also offers features where you can personalize your customers experience.

Improved Engagement

Customer portals are the best way to improve customer engagement. You can provide resources like how-to-videos, articles, informative or educational content to your customers. These will help in increasing engagement with your brand. You can go one step further and add a community forum in your customer portal. It is a great way to encourage customers to talk about the product/service with other customers or users in a collaborative space. The customers feel more engaged when they can discuss their views with like minded people.

Simplified Payment

Portals make online payment processes easy for businesses and customers. The businesses willing to offer online bill payment can create a secure payment gateway. The customers can make payments using a credit or debit card without leaving the portal interface. You can offer multiple payment options so that customers can choose one of their convenient options. Giving flexibility helps in improving the customer experience.

Learn From Feedback

One more way a Dynamics 365 portal can help in improving customer experience is feedback from customers. With portals, it is easy to conduct a survey, and product reviews on your product. This feedback will help you while making future strategies. It will help you re-evaluate your existing services, like product service, customer service, etc. and make plans that help serve customers better. For example, if you see more feedback from a particular section or topic, it means there is something that needs your attention. You can add articles and videos in your knowledge base to educate your audience. It will give your customer more understanding about it.

Mobile Responsive

The number of people using phones has certainly increased. So it is mandatory to have a Dynamics 365 customer portal that is mobile responsive. The page loading time should be fast because no customers will enjoy waiting for an image on the portal to load after a minute. The look and feel of the portal must be similar to the web to give a unified experience to the customers. Giving your customers the flexibility to choose the medium of their choice to navigate enhances their experience with you. They will find it easy to communicate or use any features of the portal on their phones.


The customer portal can be one stop solution for your business. It will help you provide excellent customer experience to your customers. If you want the same for your customers, you can invest in a customer portal. You can contact the companies that provide customer portals and have experiences in handling portals from your industry. This will ease the process of explaining the requirements to the company and the company having experience in similar projects will quickly understand the requirement and also suggest more to your idea.

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