A Creative Logo Design Makes Your Business Story More Interesting

A Creative Logo Design

There are good logos and great logos, but both are different. You might be thinking, what the thing that makes the two different is? Though logo designs follow the same design process and graphic design guidelines, but the creativity makes a great logo. A creative logo design makes the difference between a memorable and a forgotten logo design. A question always comes to mind: What makes a creative logo? Or How to design a logo that looks creative, attractive, and unique at a time?

Modern-day businesses depend on communication; without it, they can’t find their potential customers and face challenges in maintaining their reputation in the market. Marketers in any business organization make branding strategies for companies to engage their customers in various ways. Logo designs make customers know what a business is all about or what it does to please its clients. Logos symbolize a business’s identity that shows its motive, explains ambition, and expresses brand messages, products, services, and personality. Moreover, it is something beyond an image that holds a company’s values and success because it is the first thing people notice about any business. As so many things are associated with this single image, it means logo designs are extremely important for business.

To help you get creative logos, here is the list of some innovative logos making you know what works when designing your own.

How To Create A Logo Design Using Multiple Techniques

A Logo design is a collection of images, symbols, icons, patterns, and beautiful colors that turn into an attractive visual playing a role in a brand’s identity. It visually represents a company’s values, prospects, personality, and mission to make the audience know about a brand. A logo holds a company’s reputation because it either makes or breaks a brand through its first impression. Hence it is the most valuable asset for businesses.

Designing a state-of-the-art logo requires creative skills, in-depth design knowledge, market trends, and expertise in graphics design. This seems that logo designing is daunting if you are not a design professional or do not know about the latest logo design trends. To help you make creative logos for your business, the following are some mindful tips that you must know about.

  1. Drop Media

Creative logos have a unique twist at the back that makes them more memorable; Drop Media is the best example. Drop media is a famous video production company known for offering high-quality services in commercial, branded, videography, and drone work. If we talk about its logo design, it is a simple wordmark style logo without fancy things. To make their logo creative and memorable, they give a visual fun to make it a bit interesting. What they did is, a segment of the letter O in the drop is dropping with a motion line making up the letter I in media. This cute optical effect makes their logo creative and engaging while making it recognizable among people.

  1. Talking Dog Entertainment

Among the various branding techniques, logo designs are the first things that make a company recognizable in the market. Companies have to go the extra mile to make their logo unique, enjoyable, and memorable. Talking Dog Entertainment is another creative logo that uses a classic visual technique. They make excellent use of whitespace between the Dog’s head and tail for creating a comic book word balloon. While using these excellent logo designing techniques, they excluded all the unnecessary details and just used a single-colored silhouette. What’s more, their logo still makes sense of a word balloon since the tag doubles as the Dog’s collar. This clever thing makes a strong impression on the viewers and gives them an interesting thing to engage with.

  1. Steps

While designing a company logo, it is unnecessary to use fancy visuals or optical illusions to make your logo look creative. Instead, you can make a simple logo tricky by doing a few things. If we talk about the Steps logo, it would not be incorrect to say as they have a simple wordmark logo. With their simple logo, they still display the same cleverness and visual wordplay as other logo designs have shown. If we closely look at their logo, we will find the letter E is designed as stairs representing steps. This makes the Steps logo design memorable and turns dull wordmark into a creative logo design. Moreover, the typography and rounded sans serif edges represent the friendliness and accessibility of the brand.

  1. Magic Coffee

One of the creative logo designs has to be Magic Coffee; look at their logo and observe how creative it is. Their logo design gives an optical illusion, making reversible images. It interprets the same picture differently, making people think of whether their logo is a cup of coffee or a magical top hat? They use imagery to associate their brand name. Though their logo depicts two things, a cup of coffee for the coffee brand, whereas a top hat for magic sounds simple but deep, isn’t it? What else they can do to make their logo unique, attractive, and memorable. I think it is just perfect, and nothing can be as creative to illustrate its brand message.

  1. Mister Cutts

In the race of making creative logos, Mister Cutts mastered this art with its unique, innovative, attractive, and cute logo design. Their logo design has a lot of things to show, but you may not see them all at first glance. At first, it seems like a reversible image of a pair of scissors and a face, which is a subtle and realistic thing beyond imagination. Moreover, the logo looks pretty simple with one color and less detailing, whereas the dot at the center of the scissors represents the nose. With simple art, the Mister Cutts logo still has clever things to memorize for a long time. On the other hand, it is cute enough to be enjoyable.

Additionally, the stylish mustache adds association to a barbershop. However, the creative typography of Cutts with two Ts symbolizes cutting hairs, as one is shorter than the other. Hence these are the things that make Mister Cutts stand out in the market.


For designing creative logos, it is essential for you to know your brand inside out. Once you completely understand what your brand is all about, it will be easier for you to think of how to represent your brand in the market. Moreover, in today’s business realm, where web design services are important, logo designs services work magically to bring a company to the top. For this, a business must hire a professional logo designer to get a unique logo that indeed works in making them stand out from the competition.

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