A Novel Approach to the Management of Hospital Waste

The years 2020-2022 have faced our society as a whole with problems that have never been seen before, and nowhere have these difficulties been felt more strongly than at NHS hospitals, Trusts, and other medical institutions. Because Trikon Clinical Waste is an essential service provider to hundreds of patient-care facilities across the U.k. We have become more acutely aware than ever of the vital role we play to support our healthcare partners and how important it is to stay true to our path of innovation, the pursuit of safer solutions, and passion for service. In addition, we have become more acutely aware than ever of how important it is to support our healthcare partners.

From here, the adventure that lies ahead of you begins. What does it mean for the healthcare waste management industry to enter a New Modern Era? What should we maintain, what should we get rid of, and how can we work together to establish contemporary norms of safety, cleanliness, and infection control for the next generation?

The Repercussions of Discarding Waste in an Inappropriate Manner

The proper disposal of medical waste often consumes between 10 and 20% of a healthcare facility’s annual operating budget. Medical waste management is a challenge for healthcare institutions all over the globe. The World Health Organisation estimates that around 85% of the overall quantity of waste created is not harmful in any way. Whereas the remaining 15% is either infectious, poisonous, or radioactive. Even though non-hazardous medical waste causes fewer issues. The risks and difficulties associated with the management of hazardous medical waste must be carefully considered. This is because the incineration or open burning of hazardous medical waste can result in the emission of harmful pollutants such as dioxins and furans.

The inappropriate separation of waste ultimately results in improper disposal of waste. Waste production and management difficulties are producing everyday problems because they have a deep influence on the profound changes occurring in the global environment, including contamination of the air, water, and soil. These issues are causing daily problems because they have a profound impact.

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The Method That Trikon Clinical Waste Presents To Healthcare Facilities

Hospital Waste Management is a multi-faceted service; thus, to successfully achieve cost savings, environmental impact, and therapeutic benefits, an integrated programme that has performance criteria established in advance must be launched.

We are passionate about integration, clinical partnerships, and a process approach that magnifies the effectiveness of the Hospital, Trust, or Framework that we are partnering with, and as you work through our New Normal hub. You will quickly realise that TCW does not operate using a “waste haulier” approach. This will become clear to you very quickly. These are some of the facets of our method that we are most proud of, and we hope you agree with us:

An Approach That Is Grounded In Science

Trikon Clinical Waste is the industry leader in safety and infection control on a variety of fronts, including but not limited to the decrease of needlestick injuries, surface contamination, and microbiological counts in our clinical waste container cleaning and sanitization procedures.

Separation of Waste and Educational Initiatives

We achieve best practice waste segregation by conducting clinical waste audits. Strategically placing bins, and providing employees with training and education. This helps us reduce the risk of non-compliance and save money.

Responsibility Regarding Outcomes

TCW conducts quarterly reviews of all of our individualised service level agreements to verify that disciplines are being adhered to and that the company is meeting the safety, environmental, and cost-reduction results that were presented.

Optimization of Both Space and Movement

We can decrease the danger of injury and bin overflowing, as well as labour, patient interruptions, container exchanges, and cross-contamination, while simultaneously optimising labour costs via the use of healthcare waste mapping and smart mobile solutions.

Account Management That Is Helpful To Customers

Safe management of healthcare waste is more than just compliance. An experienced and devoted staff is responsible for providing continuing assistance as well as proactive account management. This includes regularly completed audits, constant training, the escalation of issues, and the review of data following actionable objectives.

The systematisation of the National Service

We can serve the whole country because of our five waste processing and logistics hubs located throughout the UK. This allows us to offer local ownership, increased transport efficiency, and state-based compliance.

Waste Reduction Attempts Touches

There will be no need for bag tying, box assembly, decanting, or consolidation of waste from individual patient containers. Our solutions significantly cut down on the number of times waste is handle throughout a healthcare centre. Hence reducing the likelihood of infection.

Data and Reporting That Are Standardised

To drive change, key performance indicators (KPIs) are defined for each waste stream to monitor performance against both internal and external benchmarks such as pounds of waste per bed, CO2 emissions, or adjusted patient days. KPIs are review quarterly.

Containers that have Undergone Clinical Engineering

With a peer-reviewed certification in some of the most prestigious medical publications in the world, our sharps, pharmaceutical, clinical waste, and cytotoxic waste containers are at the forefront of the industry when it comes to safety, sustainability, and the level of sanitization they provide.

Reduced Overall Cost to Own and Operate

Our strategy will bring about a reduction in the total expenses you incur as a result of a decrease in waste volumes, labour hours, injuries, container turns, segregation infractions, and patient disruptions. These improvements are driven by our four-walls impact model.

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We’d be happy to put you in touch with a member of our knowledgeable staff to discuss the specifics of a hospital waste disposal programme designed by TCW. We are certain that we can not only provide you with the level of dependability, quality, and cost savings you anticipate within a needs-based commercial framework. But also usher in a brand-new era of cleanliness, safety, and infection control.

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