A Student Guide To Pakistan Scholarship at ENP

One of the UK universities that welcome and nurture talent is Edinburgh Napier University (ENP). Every year students across the globe apply to this university as self-funded students or on a fully-funded scholarship. Some of the fully-funded scholarships you can apply for are the commonwealth and Chevening scholarships for EU countries. However, some students apply for admission on a self-funded basis.

For such self-funded students, the university offers a partial scholarship as a fee waiver to students from different regions. The students applying for admissions at ENU from Pakistan are also provided with a partial scholarship. The Pakistan scholarship is available for students applying to undergraduate or postgraduate courses at ENU as self-funded students. You must know that this scholarship is granted to students based on their academic excellence and merit. On the contrary, several other requirements and criteria are a must to meet for the student to receive this award.

Keep scrolling down the article to get familiar with the necessary information about the Pakistan scholarship at Edinburgh Napier University.

Top 5 Elements Of  Pakistan Scholarship To Know At ENP

Applying to an international university as a self-funded student does not mean that you will not get any financial support. There are certain universities that consider you for a scholarship on the basis of your academic excellence mentioned in the university application form. One such university is the Edinburgh Napier University which offers scholarships for students coming from Pakistan. To successfully secure this scholarship, you must know the requirements you need to fulfill not to miss a chance.

Following are the essentials about the Pakistan scholarship at the Edinburgh Napier University you need to know.

1. Scholarship worth

The worth of the Pakistan scholarship is £2,000 (GBP) for one academic year and no more than that. There is no need to fill out a separate form to secure this fund; your selection will depend upon your university application form. Students who are applying for admissions on a self-funded basis try their best to secure this award. Moreover, students from Pakistan hire the services of education consultants in Islamabad to proceed with their applications for an ensured admission and a scholarship.

2. Eligibility criteria

For the eligibility for this scholarship, there are different rules set by the admission committee for undergraduate and postgraduate applicants. One of the most important criteria that a student must meet is the academic achievements besides being a student from Pakistan. Students applying for undergraduate programs must have a score higher than 60% in the higher secondary school certificate. On the contrary, postgrad applicants must have a GPA of more than 2.4/4.0 in the undergraduate degree.

3. Application procedure

The number of students applying to this university from Pakistan every year is unlimited, and not all applicants are entitled to this award. This scholarship is available for a limited number of students and is awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis. The timely submission of the university application form will be enough to be in the race for this scholarship. However, your scholarship will be confirmed if you successfully deposit a £3,500 tuition fee after receiving the offer letter and accepting it.

4. Other scholarships

Besides the Pakistan scholarship, there are several other scholarships for which students from Pakistan can apply. These are the scholarships for which you have to fill out a separate application form, unlike the Pakistan scholarship and ENU. The most popular scholarships available at this university for Pakistani applicants are as follows.

a. GREAT Scholarship

The GREAT scholarship is a partial scholarship that is granted to students based on their academic achievements and excellence. The total worth of this scholarship is £10,000 and is only available for a one-year course at ENU. The applicants for the September intake must submit their applications before 27th May for this scholarship.

b. Scotland’s saltire scholarship

Scotland’s saltier is another partial scholarship offered at various UK universities in collaboration with the British council. The worth of this scholarship is £10,000 and is only granted to students who have received an offer letter from one of the UK universities. You must not hold any other scholarship at the time of application to be eligible for this scholarship.

5. Application deadline

When applying for your desired courses at this university, you will see different deadlines for each course and faculty. The applications for Scholarships for September intake students close in mid-March every year. However, students wishing to apply for the January intake 2023 need to keep visiting the website for deadline details. You can hire the services of the education consultants in Islamabad to help you apply at the UK universities prior to deadlines for higher acceptance chances.

Final thoughts!

If you are a student from Pakistan willing to study at this top UK university, then make sure you are submitting your application on time. Filling incomplete applications or submitting your applications after deadlines will not entitle you to admission at ENP. Moreover, your chances of securing the Pakistan scholarship are also based on how you submit your application form. So, make sure to take the help and guidance of the educational consultants to make sure you secure successful admissions while enjoying several other perks.

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