Adding New Dishes to Your Menu Dos and Don’ts

Introduction: Why should you change your menu at times?

As a restaurant owner, you must be realizing how important customer loyalty is for your business. However, regular customers need separate attention. A careful analysis will let you understand the importance of adding new dishes to the menu here. Imagine your regular, loyal customer visiting the restaurant to eat the same food again and again. After a point of time, the person will gradually get bored of the same taste and try to look out for a substitute. You know what a loss it is for your business. This is the primary reason why you need to change your regular menu.

It is not that you need to change the menu drastically, and on a regular basis. A change is good at times, for example, when it is a big day or a weekend. Just like all other businesses, food businesses also have their trends. To survive the cut-throat competition, it is essential to follow the trends sometimes. It not only increases the engagement rate, but it also creates new interests. It is a great way to explore your chef’s creativity and talent. 

While making changes to your restaurant menu, it is important to keep in mind some important rules because not all changes might be liked by the clients. To ensure that your customers have a great time, keep in mind some effective tips to renovate your commercial menu.


Tips for updating the menu


  1. Update the menu once in two weeks. This will give you an insight of the new dishes in the market, what your customers love, and the most favourite menu items. You can make these changes in two ways; Either upgrade the old dishes with new cooking style and seasonings, or add one or two special items on the menu which are changeable. You need to understand the customer’s preference as well which needs time.
  2. Choose the favorite items very critically. The ingredients which you need to prepare the item should be available in your local market and in every season, because seasons can change but your customer’s priority will not. Also, you might need to cook the favorite items more often than the regular dishes because of the high demand. Make sure your local market can supply that so that you can save money, time, and food value and you need to travel. The staple favourites will also give a new taste to the new customers, so it is essential that these items are prepared nicely.
  3. Check the inventory. When you are giving up on an old dish, there will obviously be a number of ingredients left to waste, but you can discover new dishes with those items instead of simply throwing it in the bin. In the name of sending some complimentary dishes to the table which can also be added for free, try these new dishes with the old ingredients out. Utilize every part of food.

The Don’ts while updating your menu


  1. DO NOT change the menu too soon. Understand your clients and your business, and give them enough time. Changing the menu very often will lead you to miss out trends because you will be unable to cope up so fast.
  2. DO NOT use seasonal ingredients. Looking out for new food storage ideas? That would not help you for long. Seasonal ingredients can not make regular favorite items, and it might disappoint your customers. 
  3. DO NOT give up on quality. Refreshing a menu does need money, but do not lower the quality to meet the finance. The client’s health is your first priority, and if you feel you are unable to meet ends, postpone the updating idea.



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