After construction cleaning: Final cleaning of work:

After a reform, we only want to release the new house. The construction company must deliver the house clean,

After a reform, we only want to release the new house. In theory, the construction company must deliver the house clean, but before entering it will always be necessary to carry out a final cleaning of the work in depth, which eliminates the usual dust and residues in a work.

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At SCS Group Cleaning, we have a specialized general construction cleaning service that will help you remove embedded dirt and leave your home perfect. To make your cleaning task easier, we are going to share with you the tricks that our professionals follow.

 Construction site cleanup begins before work begins:

The first thing is to avoid stains and dirt as much as possible. To do this, remove the decoration elements, wrap the furniture with sheets or plastic and cover the window and door frames with insulating tape. If you are going to paint the walls during the renovation, we recommend that you cover the entire floor with craft paper, to avoid having to polish it later. With these simple tips, you will save a lot of time cleaning up after work.

 Maintain the cleanliness of the work while it is being developed:

We advise you to clean the bulk of the dirt as we completed the works in each room. This will help prevent the work from accumulating and prevent any residue from being left behind that could spoil the result of the reform. It is unnecessary to carry out a thorough cleaning of the work since we will carry this out when all the work in the house is finished.

 Cleaning after the work:

Once the work is finished, it will be time to do a general cleaning of the work. It is advisable to do this cleaning before even starting with the move or change of furniture because there is some debris that could scratch the floor of the house.

The cleaning of finished works has to be done in order, in order to ensure that we leave not a single corner uncleaned. The most useful for this is to divide the cleaning work by zones and tasks:

  1. Dust off. After removing the sheets, plastics, kraft paper, and electrical tape; Start by removing surface dirt. For this task, it is better to use a vacuum cleaner instead of a broom or a duster, since with the vacuum cleaner we store the dust directly in the container and avoid having to collect the dirt and collect it later.
  2. Clean walls and ceilings. When the paint is dry, go over the walls and ceilings to remove any embedded particles. This process is best done carefully and with special products to avoid damaging the paint. Low grammage sandpaper and acetone are usually used.
  3. Remove complicated stains. It is common for the most embedded dirt to be found on windows and floors. There are special products to remove the remains of cement, plaster or paint that may have been spilled. The most important thing is that you try to do it as soon as possible because the more it dries, the more difficult it will be to remove.
  4. Cleaning of tiles after the work. If you’ve done a bathroom or kitchen renovation, the tiles may have traces of putty and dust, making them look dull. To achieve a shiny finish, simply polish them with a specific descaling product for tiles and a damp sponge.
  5. The final review. Once the bulk of the dirt has been cleaned, it is time to perform a traditional cleaning. Clean the furniture, vacuum again, mop the floor and clean the windows. In this way, everything will be perfect and ready to open your new home.

 End-of-construction cleaning products:

Most times, the cleaning products we use daily for the maintenance of a house are not enough to eliminate residues and embedded dirt resulting from work. For this reason, we recommend using certain specific products to carry out effective end-of-construction cleaning.

  • Descaling detergent used specifically for post-construction tile cleaning. It serves both to remove cement remains and other residues, such as rust or scratches caused by metals. In addition, its price is quite low, making it one product that we cannot miss.
  • Etching is a more aggressive descaler, so we must take greater care when applying it as it can damage certain surfaces. However, it is one of the most effective products on the market as it eliminates many wastes.
  • Ammonia, less aggressive than the previous products but it is quite effective. We can use it both in post-construction cleaning and in the daily cleaning of your home.

With these tips for cleaning your home after work, you will enjoy your home in no time. Remember that you can always hire SCS Group post-construction cleaning service , so that you only have to worry about opening your new home effortlessly.

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