All you need to know about Microsoft word 2019

Microsoft has introduced an alternative to its monthly and annual subscription to Office 365 – the Microsoft Office 2019. This one-time paid update can give you lifetime access to all the applications included in that version.

With this new version, you don’t just get to use Microsoft Word 2019; instead, you get access to all the other Microsoft apps such as Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher, and Access.

New Features in Microsoft Word 2019

Microsoft has come up with an update for their Word application which includes features for both Windows and Mac. While some features are only available on the Mac, others like sound effects, LaTeX Syntax, and side-by-side are available only on Windows.

Here is a list of all the new features MS Word brings.

  • See real-time edits [For Windows and Mac]

Wondering what real-time edit of a document looks like? Well, watch it for yourself. Share a document with your colleague and choose the ‘allow editing’ option. The real-time editing feature will allow you to see the document’s changes in real-time and let you know who is editing which section of your document.

  • Microsoft Translator [For Windows and Mac]

You don’t have to visit google when you come across a foreign language in your document because Microsoft Translator will do the work for you. This feature provides the option of translating either selected texts or an entire document. Either way, all you have to do is click on the ‘translate’ and choose the language from the translation bar to see the magic happen.

  • Draw and write with Digital Pen [For Windows and Mac]

If you enjoy drawing with a digital pen, this feature is for you. The only drawback is that it is accessible only on a touch-screen. When used on windows 10, you can play around with digital pens and other tools, but the ‘Draw with Touch’ feature will be greyed out.

  • LaTeX Syntax for equations [For Windows Only]

Mathematicians on board, let me introduce you to yet another remarkable feature of Microsoft Word 2019 – LaTeX Syntax. You can now solve all those messy and long equations without breaking a sweat using LaTeX. Unfortunately, this feature is only for Windows, and Mac users will have to wait longer for this update.

  • Focus Mode [For Mac Only]

If you have to finish a lot of tasks but are being distracted on several levels, it’s time to switch to the Focus Mode. Using the Focus Mode, you can also change the background to make it less distracting.

  • Sound Effects for more Productivity [Windows Only]

Microsoft Word 2019 has also introduced the sound effect feature for making documents even more accessible to people with disability. If you want to use this option, go to File > Options > Ease of access. There select the option ‘provide feedback with sound’ to activate this feature.

  • Improved Visual Basic Editor [Mac Only]

The improved visual basic editor helps non-programming individuals to create, record, and edit macros that can automate tasks in Microsoft Office. This feature is presently available only for Mac.

  • View pages side to side [For Windows only]

You can use the side-to-side feature to read your long content, like flipping through a book. This enables you to read and access various pages easily. You can activate this feature by going to View > Side-to-Side > Page Movement.

  • Check and Fix Accessibility with one click [For Windows and Mac]

You may often need to optimise your document and its content for people with disabilities. The quick way to ensure that you have everything covered for them is by checking the document Accessibility. This can be done by going to Review > Check Accessibility. 

  • View 3D Images from all angles [For Windows and Mac]

You can easily view 3D images on your word document with a single click on the ‘Insert’ button. The file used can be local or searched online using the Remix 3D.

  • Learning Tools [For Windows and Mac]

If you want to improve your reading skills, Microsoft Word 2019 has your back. With this new version of MS Word, users can now change the column width, page color, text spacing, and syllables and read aloud. Although the read-aloud feature can help you efficiently understand the pronunciation of words, it is not offered for all languages.

More by Microsoft

Microsoft aims to empower users and organisations equally. To achieve this goal, the company has issued several Microsoft Certifications. One of them is Azure Certification, which offers 15 certifications to deserving candidates. The certification is divided into four levels based on an Individual’s expertise.

  • Fundamental Level

This is the most basic level designed for people new to Azure and cloud computing. The Fundamental Level includes certifications in Microsoft data fundamentals, Microsoft Artificial Intelligence, and Microsoft Security, Compliance, and Identity Fundamentals.

  • Associate Level

If you have tried your hands-on cloud computing before, it is better to begin at the associate level. To earn an associate-level certification, candidates don’t need to have a team or be a developer. Professionals wanting a certification of this level can take the help of Microsoft certification training to create an actionable plan and software on their own.

  • Expert Level

Professionals who know their way well through Azure and cloud computing should consider working for this certification course. Candidates who wish to appear for the expert-level exams need an Azure associate certification in a relevant course.

  • Speciality Level

Two courses are offered under this level – The SAP Workloads Speciality and IoT Developer Speciality. Candidates who want to earn certification at the speciality level should have specialised technical skills for cloud security.


The rising Azure software usage in various companies is increasing the demand for Microsoft Certified Professionals. This is because candidates who spend their time and energy earning an Azure Certification showcase a level of commitment to a field. So if you want to up skill in your cloud computing career or are looking for a breakthrough, Microsoft certification courses can give you a good start.

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