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An Expert solution to Export Earthlink to Thunderbird

Easy Process for Importing EarthLink Email to Thunderbird

Exhausted with your limited options for exporting Earthlink Emails to Thunderbird? Continuously searching for an expert solution to export Earthlink to Thunderbird directly. If yes, then this article is just for you. Also, it is very important to know why users need to transfer Earthlink emails to Thunderbird.

Understand why Switching from EarthLink to Thunderbird?

Thunderbird application needs in the business are very demandable. Thunderbird is a very powerful platform for keeping and storing data for communications in the modern-days. Its features are user-friendly that can easily be understandable by any user. This application supports the MBOX file for storing its data. MBOX is also supported by multiple email applications like Apple Mail, EarthLink, Entourage, SeaMonkey, The Bat!, Eudora, Gmail, and others.

When we compare Thunderbird Application, the Earthlink email application has multiple drawbacks. Earthlink supports POP3, not IMAP Server. Nevertheless, it does support IMAP Server in some situations, but only for commercial email accounts, not home and personal ones. Accordingly, the most significant apprehension is to save EarthLink emails to the Thunderbird application and have them all run well. Therefore, the user priority is to transfer EarthLink emails to Thunderbird as fast as you can, with the slight risk of things going mistaken and deleting all mail data as possible.

User Queries About Importing EarthLink Email to Thunderbird

Users occasionally convert EarthLink Mailbox to Thunderbird. A few scenarios defined the following query. The manual and expert programs to solve it are discussed in this blog. So, we start with a manual process for transferring email data from EarthLink to Thunderbird.

Import EarthLink MBOX into Thunderbird using EML files

Thunderbird read EML files. So, we may manually export emails from EarthLink to Thunderbird in EML format. All you need to follow the process mentioned below:

  • First, separate emails from EarthLink Mailbox and manage them into 500-emal folders.
  • Choose the emails in each of the afresh designed folders and then you need to hit the ‘Forward’ button.
  • All the emails are selected as EML files. Make a draw from the tap of those messages
  • Now, you need to draughts the folder after that.
  • Now, select the email you need to save and then go to the File option and Save As.
  • Browse the location to save the emails.
  • After that, Run the Thunderbird, Open the email and hit “Save All” for all attachments.
  • Choose the location to save all your messages and emails.

Why the Manually Transferring EarthLink to Thunderbird Causes error and Problems

The manual approach is free, but it does not have a data security guarantee. Suppose your data is corrupted, then you may lose it. And only a professional can save such cases. Also, the manual way of transferring EarthLink email to Thunderbird takes so long. This is the prime reason to look for an automatic tool that can also perform bulk EarthLink emails to Thunderbird migration. Manual process is not An Expert solution to Export Earthlink to Thunderbird

BitVare MBOX Converter is a hassle-free expert solution that professionally converts EarthLink to Thunderbird.

Export Earthlink Email to Thunderbird Via Automatic Tool

With today’s advanced technology, exporting EarthLink MBOX to Thunderbird is a breeze. Users can perform migration of any MBOX files.

MBOX from Eudora, Apple Mail, The Bat!, EarthLink, Entourage, Pocomail, and other applications may be transferred to Thunderbird. Use the MBOX Converter tool instead of going the Manual way, which does not assure results. You can select the automatic program to convert EarthLink email to Thunderbird.

You can use the free EarthLink to Thunderbird Tool

Download the free demo version of EarthLink to Thunderbird before buying the license version. It will help users to understand the working of this tool. It converts the first 20 files from each uploaded MBOX file to your desired format.

Steps to Start the Export Process by Using this Tool

  1. Run the BitVare MBOX Converter Tool
  2. Click on the “Add folder” button
  3. Browse the folder and upload the multiple MBOX files
  4. Select the saving format (Thunderbird) from the provided list
  5. Now browse the location to save the output files
  6. Hit the Export button to start the Earthlink MBOX to Thunderbird Migration process
EarthLink to Thunderbird Tool has Amazing Features

The software has fantastic abilities that allow you to ample the process in a secure manner.

  • Batch MBOX files to export to Thunderbird
  • Two choices for conversion, select a single file or select the folder having multiple files
  • MBOX emails are converted with attachments
  • With the filter’s help you can make your migration much better
  • Tool protects data folder structure
  • There is no size limitation with this tool

Final Thoughts

Here, we discussed a good way for exporting EarthLink to Thunderbird. MBOX Converter Tool is An Expert solution to Export Earthlink to Thunderbird. This is one of the best options available for transferring EarthLink to Thunderbird. Because of all reasons described in the blog, this software has become popular. You can rely on this software, and the conversion is simple and easily carry out.

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