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An Itinerary, 2 Days In Porto

An itinerary, 2 days in Porto

Porto, the second-largest in sunny Portugal is the ideal place to spend a short time in Europe. The city’s center is compact and all monuments are within easy reach. Use a roman name generator to generate unique, funny roman names.

  • Visit the Tower of Clerigos

The tower of Clerigos was the most prominent building in Porto (until Casa da Musica opened in 2005). It’s no wonder that thousands of people were attracted to its unique structure, which is a pendant. This was due to the steep terrain on which it was impossible to build a tower. If you’re going on a group trip then for a good group name you can get the help of the band name generator. It’ll generate many good names for you.

  • Clerigos tower – 2 days in Porto

Sao Bento station is a train station that was built more than 100 years ago. It is still well-known for the 20.000 hand-painted tiles on its walls. It’s worth taking the time to look at these tiles, which both represent historical moments and daily life in Northern Portugal. You should also check out the iron clock that hangs on the wall.

  • Have coffee at Cafe Majestic

Although there are many good coffee shops in Porto, Cafe Majestic stands out. It’s not often that you can have a cup of coffee in an art nouveau café that dates back to the 20s right after World War I.

  • Window shopping is a great way to get some fresh air

Although Porto may not be the fashion capital of Paris or Milan, it is still a great place to shop for street clothes. You can find a store for everyone, from traditional Portuguese grocery shops (perfect for food shopping!) to modern concept stores. There are fashion shops by young designers and concept stores for people who want to find unusual gifts with a modern twist.

  • Casa da Musica: Watch a concert

Casa da Musica was designed by Rem Koolhas (a Dutch architect) and is one of Porto’s most stunning contemporary buildings. You can pay for a tour inside the building on any given day. They are informative and well-structured, but I believe that the best way is to just get tickets to one of the many music performances that take place there. The schedule can be viewed here.

  • Visit one of the top Port wine lodges

Porto is a city that has been internationally recognized for its port wine. It’s not all countries or cities that are famous for making wines that are appreciated by world leaders such as Winston Churchill.

There are more than 12 Port wine lodges in Porto that offer the best brands of this beverage, including Taylor’s and Sandeman. Each is different in its own way, but you can find my guide to the best Port wine lodges in Porto to help you decide which one suits you best.

  • Cruise the 6 bridges

The 6 bridges cruise is a must-do in Porto. It doesn’t make it a bad activity. It’s a great activity for seniors and families with children, as you can see six bridges in Porto.

  • Take a walk on the Luiz I bridge

The Luiz I bridge mistakenly believes Gustave Eiffel built it. He is the same engineer who designed the Eiffel tower in Paris. It was actually his former partner, TheophileSeyrig, who built this amazing double-decker iron bridge that divides Porto and Gaia (the place where the Port wine lodges)

  • Take the tram to Foz

Porto is one of the few European cities with historic tram lines. Although they were nearly irreparably lost, the City Hall made a tremendous effort to rebuild three of the most stunning lines.

How to reach the airport?

  • Metro: The metro connects the airport to the city center via Line E (purple). Metro runs every 20-30 minutes. The trip to the city center will take approximately 25 minutes. A one-way ticket costs 2,45 EUR.
  • Bus: There are several buses that link the airport to the city center, such as bus No 120. It runs every 30-40 minutes and takes about 30 minutes to reach the city center. Tickets for one way are approximately 2 EUR.
  • Private transfer/Taxi: This is the quickest and most convenient method to travel to and from Porto airport. Although the cost of a taxi is the same, the driver will wait for you at the airport. He will provide you with water, a map and other information. It will take 20 minutes to reach your hotel in the center of the city. For up to four passengers, the cost is 24 EUR.


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