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Annual Maintenance Contract

Annual maintenance contracts and repair contracts are one of the types of contracts for the provision of services for a fee. In the section, you can download samples and forms of all types of home maintenance contracts with recommendations for filling out a standard form.

A maintenance contract is a subtype of paid service agreement.

The list of objects that need maintenance and repair is constantly growing and, accordingly, the list of contracts regulating this form of legal relations is also constantly growing.

There are the following samples of a maintenance service:

  •  general maintenance;
  •  computers;
  • ac maintenance services;
  •  medical equipment;
  •  equipment;
  •  office equipment;
  •  security alarm systems;
  •  fire alarm systems;
  •  fire alarm.

A possible form of such an agreement is a simple written one.

Maintenance is a complex of operations or an operation to maintain the operability or serviceability of property (equipment, machinery). When used for its intended purpose, proper storage and transportation of property.

Maintenance, as a rule, includes checking to a certain extent at a certain frequency, scheduled replacement of parts, components, consumables, and actions to maintain the proper condition of property (lubrication, cleaning).

Before concluding a maintenance contract, it should be understood that the concepts of “maintenance” and “repair” are different, since repairs are carried out in cases where an item is out of order, and maintenance is carried out in order to avoid breakdowns. The main goal of maintenance is to ensure the constant operation of the property with maximum productivity and efficiency, a sharp reduction in the risk of property breakdown.

It should also be said that some types of maintenance require mandatory licensing, for example, medical equipment (except if the specified activity is carried out to meet the own needs of a legal entity or individual entrepreneur).

If you need a legally correct sample maintenance contract, you can create one with the document builder in just a few minutes.

What Are the Advantages of a Service Contract?

Individuals purchasing major appliances, such as an HVAC system, can benefit from a maintenance or service contract. Repairs and routine maintenance can be pricey. But a service contract can help offset those expenses while also ensuring that a mechanical item remains in good working order.
Consider the following significant advantages of a service contract:

Cost Advantages

A maintenance contract can help you save a lot of money on both routine maintenance and unexpected repairs.
When the item requires repairs, the additional expenditures associated with a maintenance contract should pay for itself.

Assurance of Product Quality

When a service contract is included with the purchase, manufacturers are less likely to make poorly designed or broken products. That’s because they’re responsible for the repair, maintenance, and replacement costs, not the consumer.


Customers have peace of mind with service contracts in the event that something goes wrong with a product. They believe the problem will be fixed soon and with no effort on their part.
When buying big-ticket products like cars, refrigerators, and farm equipment, having peace of mind is very important.

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