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Augmented Reality: Benefits and Disadvantages

What is Augmented Reality?

AR refers to Augmented Reality, a mixture of actual Reality, Virtual Reality, and real-world surroundings. Adding or augmenting things to the real world around us is what AR does, so the name says it. It makes the world more interactive and can also be changed digitally.

AR is used widely and for numerous purposes. It is used in many different places, like education, the gaming industry, engineering, medicine, and the military.

In AR (Augmented Reality), there are virtual dressing rooms and virtual battlefields. There are games like Pokemon Go that use this technology. It is used in many medical and healthcare applications, like keyhole surgery, Accu Vein, EyeDecide AR, SimX, etc.

Benefits of Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented reality can help people have a whole new, interactive experience. Furthermore, augmented reality solves the problem of not keeping up with the latest technology. If you want to work in many different fields in the future, AR is the best tool for you to use. Many top app developers UK use AR these days.

Following are the benefits of Augmented Reality (AR):

  • The AR system is very interactive and works simultaneously in the real world.
  • It improves how you see and interact with the real world.
  • Patients’ lives have become safer because of its use in the medical field, making it easier to figure out what diseases are and find them early on.
  • The tool can be used by anyone who needs it.
  • New tools have been made to help doctors during surgeries by letting them keep track of patient data at all times.
  • Military people can use it without risking their lives by reenacting a war on a battlefield in advance of the real thing. This will also help them make important decisions in a real war.
  • It can be used in training programs to make things memorable and exciting.

Disadvantages of Augmented Reality: 

Some of the significant disadvantages of AR technology are:

In what ways does AR not work well?

The main problem with augmented reality is that it costs a lot. Augmented reality isn’t as easy and natural as it looks. Making an AR experience that feels natural for the user takes much work. There are many ways that people can use your product in the wrong way. There are also some other problems with AR, like these.

1- Expensive

The cost of creating augmented reality applications is high. An app may cost anywhere from $0 to $100,000, depending on how intricate you want your app or advertising strategy to be.

Everyone doesn’t have much money to spend on augmented Reality (AR) technology, so only big businesses and organizations can use this technology better than everyone else. Small businesses would also not afford this technology because it costs more.

Not many businesses have the money to invest in AR technology, so only a few big businesses have this advantage now. As one of the main drawbacks, not everyone can afford it. It costs a lot, and people who can’t afford it are left out of the world of technology, which is very sad.

2- Privacy and security issues

Augmented reality could be a privacy or security risk. AR makes it hard to tell what is real and what isn’t, which leads to a fear of being “tricked” by an attack.

3- Psychological effects.

Many violent games that deal with war or crime have features that can change people’s mindsets. These games have a psychological effect on the people who play them, especially the younger generation. They make them think that violent actions in society are OK.

4- AR has many problems, like addiction and death.

It can be hard to stop checking your phone for updates on the game or other apps when using AR. “Smartphone fever” is a term psychologists and doctors use to describe this type of addiction.

Many people find augmented reality technology addictive because they stay hooked on the game for a long time. As a result of addiction, several health problems can happen, such as eye problems, weight gain, a lack of concentration, and long-term pain.

5- There are going to be more health problems

It’s still unclear what the limits of augmented reality are, but studies say that the technology has many new health risks that have never been seen before. Immersing yourself in virtual content could cause hearing loss, damage your eyes, or even make you behave differently if you wear AR devices.

According to web application development company, users may think that a virtual environment is real, changing how they feel about and process things. Such processes would lead to mental problems.


I want to say that when technology gets better, many other fields and people’s lives get more accessible.   In the same way, augmented reality is an advanced way to learn new things, interact with different people and places, and make your life easier.

But if it’s used the wrong way, the result can be harmful, as more health problems and psychological problems in the current generation. However, not everyone can get this technology. Over time, though, it will likely become more common for people to get their hands on it as well. Although expensive, more productive use of this technology can lead to a better future.

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