Benefits of Cleanser vs face wash

Cleanser vs face wash

You choose to follow a proper set of skincare to perfectly charming. In routine, the starter of this skincare set is washing and cleaning your face. People always get confused with cleanser vs face wash. Both look the same but are different in all aspects. Sometimes you are unable to select a suitable product for your face. Therefore, before buying the product you should always give a thorough search on the products, their ingredients, and their uses.

A cleanser

A cleanser is something that is not used on daily basis. You will use this product frequently on alternative days. It will extract the impurities from your skin and cleanse your skin with moisturizing. After cleansing, you will feel your skin is soft and glowing. Mostly, companies designed them oil textures so that people can use them for erasing makeup too. It will avert the skin from withdrawing its natural oil. We have two cleansers one has marine collagen extract and the second one has volcanic mud extract.

A cleanser must contain salicylic acid which is great to cure breakouts. It would perform an intense cleaning of the face. Our experts always suggest not to use products containing sulfates for the argument of cleanser vs face wash. Face wash usually has those but these chemicals would harm and irritate your skin. With this product, you won’t obtain dry skin. Normally people who have dry skin use this product to get the moisturizing effect on the skin. Belle Cote Paris is offering two different cleansers for your skin.

Benefits of cleansers

When you use a cleanser, it will help to decrease the wrinkles, fine lines, and dullness of the face. Your face would appear young and fresh because all of the impurities, and dead cells are removed. Then, it will make these changes to your skin.

  • Your skin will appear tight
  • It will gain a smooth even texture
  • Also, the skin will become more flexible
  • The new and healthy skin cells would make your skin healthier
  • Your skin will be moist
  • It will enhance the blood flow through the cells to make the skin glow more
  • Your skin aging process will be reversed
  • Lastly, it will enable your skin to absorb the applied products more efficiently

Belle Cote Paris cleansers

Our company has used advanced formula technology to produce the best skincare regimens. We understand the purpose of cleansers and that is why we have used ingredients that would produce an immediate effect on the skin.

Volcanic mud cleanser

The cleanser appears the same as the mud and ashes combination. It comes under the type of foaming cleanser. When you use this product, it will erase all the dead cells, pimples, and spots from the skin. Also, it will discourage blackheads from occurring. It would wipe off the sebum from the skin.

Marine collagen cleanser

You can name this cleanser a milky texture cleanser. It will be suitable for every skin. You can use it in the place of making removing toner. This product will regenerate the formation of the new cells in your skin. Further, your skin will be moist and moisturized. Sun tanning causes your skin color to become dark so this product will lighten it. We have used organic seaweeds, seawater, and minerals in the formation of this product.

Face wash

When it comes to washing your face, you might opt for soap but it is a misconception. As soap can never wash and clean your face rather it is only used for fragrance purposes. A face wash is to replace the normal soap and clean the skin deeply. You can even assume that this product would deeply clean the face. Also, it will clear out your skin pores. It will also minimize the blackheads and whiteheads.

When you go out in a polluted environment, the dirt and dust will get trapped in your skin pores and surface. If you delay washing up your face, then your skin will be dirty enough to block its pores. These blocked pores will cause your skin to produce a great amount of sebum. Eventually, your skin starts to break out.

You can use it twice a single day. Exceeding the limit of application of this product will vanish all of the required natural oils from your skin. Generally, people who have more oily skin use face wash to remove unwanted oil.


  • Prevents your pores from trapping dust
  • Brings your skin to one tone
  • Get rid of bacteria on the skin
  • Makes your skin appear clean

Cleanser vs face wash differences

You can purchase an appropriate product for the skin after trying the products and different ingredients. A never resolving argument is about cleanser vs face wash. It is because both the products can be used simultaneously for the same and different purposes.

A face wash could be used by oily skin people and a cleanser is used for dry skin ones. In general, brands make the face washes with a foaming texture while they give a slight foaming texture to the cleansers. Next, for a cleanser vs face wash argument, the face wash will not moisten your face whereas a cleanser moist the skin. You might not remove a cleanser from the face as they penetrate deep into the skin. But for washing, you need to remove these from the skin.


There is no solution to the question of which is best among cleaners vs face wash because the purpose of cleansers and face wash are nearly similar. You should select the product based on skin nature and its tolerance. You can use both together to achieve the best outcomes. The belle cote Paris cleansers clean the skin by exfoliating deep into it.

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