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Benefits of SharePoint Online for Business

By moving SharePoint to the cloud, Microsoft is making a dramatic change with the latest version of SharePoint Online. SharePoint Online reduces costs by simplifying business processes. It promotes information sharing, transparency, and collaboration. There are countless advantages of SharePoint Online, but some companies still hesitate to move their business data to the cloud. So, here we are discussing the amazing benefits of SharePoint Online and why you need to consider this forum.


One of the great benefits of SharePoint Online is that it is cloud-based. It means you can access it no matter the location and time. All you will need is a web browser. Particularly you can have access to the tool effortlessly with your smartphone. Having information in the cloud means it grows as your business grows, and there is less chance of data loss. You will not have to rely on portable servers to store all the business information. In addition, you enjoy the benefits of getting new features always first and being up-to-date all the time.

External User Access Management

Using an on-premise environment, sharing SharePoint content with users outside your domain is not possible. Even if you use any method to give an external user access, it will require a decent amount of maintenance and setup time, human effort, and energy.

With SharePoint Online, giving external access has become convenient. Your users can easily share folders, individual documents, and sites with external users. External users can do this by linking the Microsoft Account to their company email address. There is another feature of Guest Links. With this, you can enable Edit or Read-only permissions only without needing confirmation.

Quicker Access

With SharePoint Online, you will not be limited to one network or one device. You can access your email, documents, contacts, and intranet from any browser and any device through an internet connection. For example, when on the go, just sync content from SharePoint Online to Windows Explorer. Changes you make offline will upload to SharePoint once your device has connected to the Internet. With this tool, you can make the whole world your workplace.

Roll Back to Earlier Versions

SharePoint Online always keeps a history of the versions of documents. This feature not only makes it easy to go back to the previous version but also helps you see who contributed to the document over time and how the changes came about over time. With this, it adds extra comfort to the cooperation and collaboration between colleagues.


Being customizable is one of the amazing advantages of this platform. You always have the choice to keep the default features, but it offers a great advantage in upgrading your custom features. It ensures that your team has everything it needs, which in turn increases its productivity. You can also customize your software with your business logo to give it a custom look.

Scale Your Farm Up and Down Quickly

Using SharePoint Online, you just pay the amount for what you need and at the time, you need it. With a monthly subscription model, it enables you to add or remove users according to your need. In addition, you do not have to worry about expiring licenses that cost you a lot of money. You can easily supervise a new user on this tool.

You need to click a few times on the administrator portal to create a new user or when you need to grant new licenses. When a user leaves an organization, you can easily delete it or reassign the license. The same applies to data storage. Similarly, you just need to pay for the amount of storage you need and when you need it. However, you can purchase an extra room with just a few clicks.

Makes Storage Simple with OneDrive

Say goodbye to local storage and the hassle by using OneDrive for Business. OneDrive lets you sync as well as save files to SharePoint Online, especially upload to the cloud. The software reduces the need for local archives and makes sure you have the ability to access your documents anywhere and anytime you need them. You can also control who can access your documents on OneDrive and share them with only a few colleagues.

No More Maintenance

IT departments are always busy, but now they no longer need to do SharePoint episodes, OS maintenance, backups, etc. By taking your organization to SharePoint Online, you can free up the hours your IT staff could have used to take care of the SharePoint environment. IT staff can use this time to develop the Intranet in SharePoint Online.

A Centralized Hub

It provides resources centralization for putting everything in one easy-to-reach place. You do not have to spend long hours searching for documents. All employees, as well as managers, can monitor everything in the central location and ensure that processes run smoothly. SharePoint Online is an effective content management system that saves not only time but also effort.

Revolutionary Search Engine

It may not be the most exciting thing, but knowing how to search for what you need removes a lot of frustration and saves a lot of time. Since many users are likely to use the platform, finding a particular file can be a challenge, especially for large businesses. SharePoint Online search engine is a solid asset that helps users find what they need. It fluctuates and adjusts the quality of search results depending on the user interaction, ensuring that they always find the most relevant results.


There might be some obstacles in the Sharepoint Migration, but you will find a more secure, easy-to-use, reliable, and fast intranet at the end of the day. Money and time saving on hardware and maintenance can thus be spent on other important IT and business process development areas.

To take full advantage of SharePoint Online benefits, you need to work with an expert vendor in what they do. That’s where Xavor Corporation comes in. SharePoint Online Migration Services of Xavor helps businesses take full advantage of their investments.

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