Best Custom Ecommerce Boxes Types that Can Bolster your Sales

It’s not always about what’s on the inside! It’s critical to verify the packaging of your products when building a relationship with your customers. Appropriate custom boxes and external packaging can boost the perceived value of your products and show customers that you respect presentation quality.

Furthermore, outstanding product wrapping has spawned a slew of “unboxing films,” in which customers post videos to social media expressing their joy at receiving a particularly well-packaged item. Who can say? Your product could be included in the next viral video if it is packaged properly.

Meanwhile, here are nine different forms of shipment packaging to consider.

  1. Packaging in cardboard

Corrugated boxes, often known as cardboard boxes, are most likely to be utilized to mail your new Nike sneakers. This packaging is used to carry nearly all consumer items in North America, making it the most common type of transport packaging. It’s critical to understand how different varieties of corrugated cardboard affect the box’s longevity and strength. The “flutes” visible in some cardboard materials distinguish the varieties (flutes are found between liner boards, which are glued on top and on bottom).

The larger the flute size, the more cushioning and compression resistance it provides. Make sure the shipping product you’re using is suitable for the corrugated box’s flute size. Corrugated boxes with many levels of flutes are also common for reinforcement.

  1. Packaging in paperboard

Paperboard folding carton boxes that lay flat when not in use. Furthermore, they are simple to cut and shape into custom structures and forms. If you have the time, this might give your package a lovely personal touch. Take a look at the following examples of paperboard boxes:

Solid sulfate-bleached packing (SBS)

Because of their attractive white color and clay-coated surface, these paperboard boxes have an exceptionally smooth top layer of bleached virgin hardwood fibers, making them ideal for custom printing. SBS boxes are commonly used to package perishables such as frozen and moist meals, meats, dairy products, bakery items, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics.

Boxes made of unbleached coated Kraft paper (CUK)

Customers who love the natural aesthetic of recycled materials will appreciate CUK boxes, which are more eco-friendly but less water-resistant. CUK boxes are well-suited for heavy commodities such as soft drinks, beer, laundry detergents, and hardware due to the incredible strength provided by the box’s strong, thick pine fibers.

Recycled coated paperboard

Despite being constructed from recycled fibers, this paperboard is coated with clay to improve its printability. This is a popular option for online retailers selling paper and dry goods like pasta and cereal.


Chipboard is constructed from recycled paperboard. It is inexpensive, but due to its lightweight, it cannot be utilized in custom printed shipping boxes to transport bulky items. In high-humidity storage settings, the chipboard can rapidly degrade, causing expansion and discoloration.

  1. Rigid Containers

This type of branded packaging is used by many luxury brands. The costly things found inside include Tiffany & Co. jewelry, Jimmy Choo shoes, and the latest iPhones.

What distinguishes these boxes from others? Rigid boxes are made from extremely compressed paperboard, which is four times thicker than regular paperboard. Furthermore, they are not collapsible, which raises their use and transportation expenses.

Although small eCommerce firms may not be able to buy a rigid box, it is an excellent objective to strive for!

  1. Closure and Packaging

Do you deliver personal care items like cosmetics, lotions, and creams? Maybe you transport pharmaceutical products. In both cases, “bottle and cap” packaging is the best option. They are not only practical for producers and end-users, but they are also cost-effective when acquired in bulk.

custom boxes

  1. Polyethylene

This item is also known as a plastic bag or a pouch. It is a thin, flexible plastic film fabric. People use plastic bags for a variety of reasons. They are lightweight and flexible, lowering shipping costs. If your product design includes numerous sizes, a polybag may be able to fit all of them.

  1. Wrapped foil bags

This is the type of packaging used on coffee, cheese, and cured meats to keep them fresh, extend their shelf life, and keep bacteria at bay. When utilizing a foil-sealed bag, oxygen is eliminated from the cloth to protect its integrity. It is not the most cost-effective packaging solution, but depending on the things you plan to ship, it may be necessary.

  1. Cotton

The most popular cloth on the planet can also be used for packaging. Cotton bags are commonly used by eco-friendly businesses for product distribution. Cotton is widely used for luxury items such as jewelry, glassware, and high-end clothes due to its softness and sense of quality. It’s also reusable, which adds to its environmental friendliness. The material’s only flaw is that it provides only rudimentary weather protection.

  1. Jute

Jute is a sustainable material that is 100 percent biodegradable and reusable. Like cotton, this fabric can be printed and colored. While it is not as well-known as cotton as the high-quality fabric, it is less expensive and has a “thick skin” that allows it to withstand more harm.

  1. Bubble Mailers and Envelopes

Sending a large amount of mail using custom boxes? The best packing materials are envelopes and bubble mailers. Furthermore, bubble mailers protect fragile objects without the use of bulky boxes or dunnage (interior wrapping such as peanuts, airbags, egg crates, etc.)

Using Packagingblue to create custom packaging

So many boxes in such a short amount of time!

If you want to improve the client experience with personalized packaging and printing but are too busy to do it yourself, contact us for help.

Our custom packing method uses current customer data to provide a one-of-a-kind order experience for each delivery. We employ the custom-printed shipping boxes you deem appropriate for your customers and your budget, resulting in a visually pleasing presentation at a reasonable cost. We can also incorporate personalized coupons, flyers, inserts, and other promotional items. For more details about custom boxes for eCommerce businesses, visit our website now!


Printingblue provides high-quality custom printed products at affordable prices and customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We are confident that no other company can match our quality and pricing for custom stickers, folders, banners, retail packaging and other printing services.

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