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Best Energy Audit Service Providers in India

An energy audit, also known as an energy analysis or an energy study, is used to figure out why, where, how, and when energy is utilized in a building, as well as to find ways to save money. Energy audit service provider in India is provided by energy corporations, energy experts, & engineering organizations(Audit Service Providers).

The top energy auditor services not only manage the audit process but also collaborate closely with staff, building owners, or other key stakeholders to ensure that data gathering is precise and that energy efficiency suggestions are accurate.

An energy audit is a visual inspection, survey, and analysis of energy flows in a building, process, or system with the goal of reducing the amount of energy input while maintaining the system’s output (s).

The energy audit is the first step toward implementing energy efficiency strategies in a business. It entails efforts aimed at identifying conservation potential prior to the creation of an energy-saving plan(Audit Service Providers)

Energy audits are undertaken to implement energy efficiency programs, such as estimating design, commissioning, and performance monitoring of projects for energy conservation, and recommending energy-efficient strategies and technology for the most effective use of energy.

An energy audit is required to identify energy-saving opportunities in a facility or locations with excessive energy consumption when compared to established norms. Energy auditing is a useful tool for energy management since it allows you to use energy more effectively and efficiently.

Energy audits, like all other audits, will examine and sketch all aspects of your facility’s energy usage. It’s a way for assessing where energy is wasted on your property and what steps you may take to increase energy efficiency. All services must undergo an energy audit every two to three years to ensure optimal efficiency and expense(Audit Service Providers).

A residential energy audit or a company energy audit will be conducted by a licensed energy advisor or energy auditor. Energy auditors are also responsible for completing energy efficiency evaluations for both commercial & non-commercial buildings.

What takes place during an audit?

Assessment, verification, & efficiency suggestions are the three phases of an energy audit.

Once the audit is completed, the inspector will provide you with a report documenting energy use, an entire energy grading, and home improvement recommendations to help save money on your energy costs(Audit Service Providers).

Part One: The Assessment

A licensed energy auditor will visit your home or business and do an inside and exterior walk-through to assess your energy usage and identify problem areas.

They’ll look at specific elements that contribute to your home’s or business’s overall energy performance during their walk-through.

The auditor will examine your heating and cooling systems, also known as HVAC systems, as well as your insulation levels, which will include the basement and exterior attic walls. They’ll also count & counting the number of windows and doors in the structure, as well as take exterior measurements.

Airtightness and Other Tests (Part 2)

An airtightness test, often known as a blower door test, is the second part of an energy audit. An energy auditor will check for air leakage in a house or company during this test to evaluate how tight a building’s envelope is. An air sealing process is performed during an airtightness test.

The testing fan will suck the building’s interior air outside, forcing outside air to enter through any fractures or holes. These air leaks can often be felt with your hand, but most auditors will use feathers or incense to pinpoint the exact location of the gaps.

An energy auditor will conduct a thermographic scan in addition to the airtightness test to measure your business or home’s energy use. In addition, they will utilize infrared cameras, surface thermometers, and furnace efficiency meters to measure energy use.

Finally, the auditor will look over previous utility bills.

Recommendations to Improve Energy Efficiency (Part 3)

Following the evaluation and testing of your residential or business facility, the energy auditor will present you with a detailed list of recommendations for energy efficiency improvements that you can make. Most of the suggestions will help you save money on utility costs if you follow them.

What Are The Benefits Of Energy Audits?

Conducting a routine energy audit guarantees that you’re minimizing your carbon footprint and remaining energy efficient by implementing new energy-saving improvements on a regular basis. Here’s a rundown of why an energy audit is crucial:

  • An energy audit will reveal areas where you may save money on energy.
  • It will assist you in better understanding your energy usage and strategies to save energy.
  • An energy audit can detect electrical, wiring, and ventilation safety issues, making your house or company safer.
  • It will raise the resale value of a home.
  • An energy audit can help you figure out how to lower carbon monoxide levels in your house or company.

Types of Energy Audits:

There are two types of energy audits: preliminary energy audits and detailed energy audits. The type you select will be determined by your requirements.

Preliminary energy audit: A preliminary energy audit is merely a data collection exercise that provides a preliminary analysis. A walk-through inquiry is frequently used to conduct this type of audit. A preliminary energy audit will be completed by a professional energy auditor using easily available data and limited diagnostic devices.

A detailed energy audit is carried out by a professional auditor who monitors, analyses, and verifies energy usage in order to identify problem areas and strategies to enhance energy efficiency. In a detailed technical report, they will offer their findings and recommendations. A professional energy auditor will also employ sophisticated instrumentation such as a flue gas analyzer, a scanner, and a flow meter during a full energy audit

Examine the information from Energy Audit Services.

After acquiring information for your facility, the energy auditor will begin the cost and energy analysis. Before commencing the study, the energy supplier should have a good understanding of someone’s economic technique and corporate criteria to ensure that the assessment is sufficiently diverse investment prospects and that money flows match expectations.

The methodologies for assessing energy are vastly different. Your project ideas should guide the analytical method you use to avoid findings with excessive quantities of detail. Excel evaluation comprehension of engineering equations that account for variations in time of day season, as well as whole-building hourly electricity use analysis, are common analysis approaches for high rises or buildings with intricate machine systems.

The Efficiency Of Energy Auditing Services

Examine the device lists, power data, building schematics, and other information on the property.

The auditor obtains and evaluates at least 2 years of utility data during the energy consumption analysis to assess for seasonal fluctuations and patterns in electricity demand (Monthly utility bill data is most commonly used)

This examination should cover all aspects of electricity (electricity, gas, oil, and water).

This assessment is used to generate the Exergy Efficiency Index (Tools will allow) value (year power use/square footage) and energy end consumption (energy used by each building technique) for your facility.

Service Provider for Energy Audits:

Many companies are providing Energy Audit Services in India to find solutions to minimize operational expenses or improve energy efficiency per unit of output. An energy audit is required to identify energy-saving opportunities in a facility or locations with excessive energy consumption when compared to established norms. Energy auditing is a useful tool for energy management since it allows you to use energy more efficiently and effectively.

SAS Powertech Pvt. Ltd is the independent management company who provide the best energy audit services in India. They provide services to improve a facility’s maintenance as well as its electrical safety, and also inspect and assist in achieving required compliance with safety regulations.

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