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Best Free Movie Streaming Apps for Android Users

Best Free Movie Streaming Apps

When it comes to spending leisure time with entertainment, the first thing that comes to mind is movies. It’s a great way to spend leisure time. Thanks to technology, now smartphones are also a big medium in this regard. There are numerous apps in the App Store for the convenience of watching movies and TV series on leisure smartphones. This post is arranged with the free movie streaming apps for Android smartphone users.

Some of the Best Movie Streaming Apps:


Do you love to watch HD movies? Flipps is the best Android movie streaming app. The most viral videos can be enjoyed and other latest movies can be watched through this app on smartphones. It is also possible to listen to music with Flipps. Streaming movies can be seen not only on Android phones but also on television. It is also possible to download movies using the Android app. Philips can be installed for free.


Showbox is one of the best movie streaming apps. There is also considerable popularity among smartphone users. Using the app it is possible to enjoy movies as well as TV serials, and reality shows. Apart from smartphones, the app can also be used on televisions and computers. Customer-friendly Android app Showbox is very easy to use. It is possible to watch third-party uploaded movies, and stream videos without any hindrance. If the Android device is HD supported, streaming full HD video can also be shown through Showbox. Downloading any movie or video is free.


YouTube has dominated the video industry in recent years. When it comes to watching movies on Android phones, it can still extend a helping hand. It has various videos in its database. It is possible to enjoy movies at the same rate you can use YouTube to mp3 tools to save files on your SD card. However, there is no guarantee of getting all kinds of movies here. It is not only a good movie app for Android; it is also incomparable as a video app.


This app is one of the best Android apps for watching movies. This free app has been downloaded more than 1 million times from the Play Store. This app can be used on Android and later versions. One of the great benefits of the app is that it has more than 40,000 movie titles, which will help you get your favorite movie. The movies are in the categories of action, comedy, drama, and Kung Fu. Apart from movies, TV series can also be watched with the help of the app.

Free Movies:

Free Movies is one of the most popular apps for watching movies for free and one of the best alternative sites for Moviezwap. This app has more than 10 million downloads from the Play Store. This app is especially helpful for those who use older Android-powered phones like Gingerbread, Ice Cream Sandwich, etc. Because older Android phones usually have less internal storage. So this movie app is great in this case because the size of the app is only 996 KB. Also, like other movie apps, there is no problem in installing Flash Player for watching movies through this app.


This app is one of the best for free movies. But the problem is, that the app is suitable for certain smartphones. As the app has an advanced navigation menu, it is quite user-friendly. A variety of movies and TV series can be enjoyed for free through the app. But in some cases, you have to look at the exchange of money. The app has advanced filters and an advanced search box, making it easy to find your favorite movie by searching by movie type or producer. You can also request to watch your favorite movie in the app. As a result, whenever the movie is added to the app, you will know via notification.


Popcornflix is ​​a new Android app for free movies. It currently has 600 movies in its database. Work is also underway to bring new movies to the app. The biggest advantage of this app is that there is no hidden cost in watching movies for free. Movies can be enjoyed in this app without any hassle.


ViewSter app, you can enjoy online movies as well as stream TV serials. It is very easy to use. There is no need to create an account to watch the streaming movie. It is also possible to enjoy movies on television through the app. However, many times the work of the app stops. However, no error was ever found in it. So there is no obstacle to installing the app.

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