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Best Free Online Plagiarism Checker Software 2022.

Free Online Plagiarism Checker Tools.

Plagiarism issues are always annoying to a lot of editors so this article will share some of the best online plagiarism checker software 2022. No one likes to stumble upon the content of their article appearing somewhere under another author’s name or by some organization without obtaining permission through you – the main author. Plagiarism is even more taboo in SEO because it directly affects your website on top of Google.

However, it takes time if we sit and look up each sentence, each paragraph in an article because there are articles with a length of more than 1000 words. It is for that reason that in this article, I will bring you the top 5 extremely useful free online plagiarism checker software.

Why say no to plagiarism?

Plagiarism is an act of intellectual property infringement through copying 100% of other people’s content and words without specifying the source or without the permission of the author of the article.

The issue has always been condemned, and Google has a very heavy penalty for this. All articles copied from available sources will not be appreciated and obviously cannot be reached the top of Google. This will make it very difficult for your website to grow and reach a large number of customers. Even if your website is scanned by Google and found plagiarism up to 50-60%, it will suffer extremely serious consequences and no customers will be able to access your website.

Currently, checking for plagiarism is extremely simple with online plagiarism checker software, although free but extremely effective. You can easily check your articles before posting them on the website, if there are any parts then you can immediately edit them to make sure your posts are unique.

Top 5 Online Plagiarism Checker Software 2022

Copyscape Software :


This is software that can be tested up to 1500 words without you having to chop up each paragraph to check. You can even attach the article link and the software will scan the essay for you. also supports the ability to scan posts right on Dropbox without spending extra time cutting and pasting text. The minimum is 150 words for a single software scan test. has a very fast scanning speed and clearly shows what percentage of uniqueness and plagiarism results. At the same time, the software also specifies which sentences have errors for you to quickly fix, making your essay up to 100% unique. This is the most recommended plagiarism checker software.


However, sometimes the software or system failures, you need to reload the page to be able to continue using it. This error will not lose the effectiveness of the plagiarism check, you just need to reload the page and you will be able to reopen it immediately.

Plagiarism Checker Software:

Strengths: is completely free for users in checking text. Although it is free, the free plagiarism checker effect is extremely good.

This is software that checks for duplicate text very strictly, even a few phrases or a few short sentences can be scanned. At the same time, will give you links to duplicate articles so that you can edit them in time.

For duplicate parts, the text will be highlighted in red for easy identification and immediate adjustment.


Due to too much scrutiny, it will take a long time to wait for the results. Although the waiting time is relatively long, in return you will get a very accurate result.

Plagiarism Detector Software :

Strengths: is one of the top 5 free online plagiarism detector software that cannot be ignored with extremely professional accuracy. With an extremely easy-to-use interface, you do not need to log in, but just go to the website to be able to use it instantly. This is the software that checks every small detail phrase. If you are a meticulous word-for-word person, this is software worth considering using.


Because of the high accuracy of each sentence, the software checks Plagiarism will take you a lot of time because you can only paste into each sentence to scan but cannot paste into a whole long paragraph.

Turnitin Similarity Checker Software


Turnitin testing software is a fairly widely used software because the function can correct spelling errors for you in the best way. Sometimes there are typos that in the process you are too focused on typing to miss, don’t worry about it because there is plagiarism checker Turnitin to assist you. This is a software created by the University of Technology, Hanoi National University with the initial purpose of checking dissertations and thesis courses completed by students. But later expanded and upgraded for all users, so you can count on Turnitin ability to check plagiarism and correct errors.


Although this is free software for users, you must create an account on the website and through the email account you register there will be a link sent to that email. You go to the correct registration email and click activate the account to be able to use it immediately. With this disadvantage will not cause you too much difficulty!

This method of checking plagiarism is very effective, but it will take a lot of your time because you can only check each sentence or each short paragraph. If your text is short, not too long, here’s how to test your text.

above are the extremely useful and professional free online plagiarism checker software, you should learn and apply immediately to your articles, to always ensure that the articles on your website always reach the highest percentage of uniqueness and are highly appreciated by Google!

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