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Best Genetic Doctor On Sickle Cell Disease And Pregnancy

Sickle cell disease, shortly termed SCD, refers to a group of red blood cell disorders. This condition is inherited. Red blood cells/RBCs contain hemoglobin. RBC is responsible for carrying oxygen to the tissues from the lungs. This blog shares insight into possible pregnancy challenges due to SCD(genetic doctors)_.

Individuals with SCD, have red blood cells that look like the C-shaped/letter C/a sickle. Their red blood cells get sticky. And SCD causes RBC to die shortly. Whereas, healthy RBCs are flexible and don’t cause blood clots. But SCD brings about RBC to result in blood clots when approaching small blood vessels. Consult the best genetic doctor in Siliguri.

What You Need to Know

Medical consultation is of need if you’re planning a pregnancy. It helps you prevent the chance of complications. Blocked blood flow may lead to infections, stroke, pain, nerve damage, or even organ damage. Here SCD increases the risks of obstetric complications like preterm labour, pre-eclampsia, intrauterine growth restriction.

Sickle cell anemia is one of the complications of SCD. It’s a genetic condition that means parents pass it to the babies. Seeking guidance from a genetic counselor is important before you conceive. You must understand that parents can transfer gene changes to the baby. So that you can take preventive measures.

Sickle cell trait is when an individual inherits one gene from one of his parents. The person with SCT may not have symptoms of SCD. But that person can pass the trait to his/her baby. The following are signs of sickle cell anemia:

  • Anemia is a prominent sign of SCD because of short-lived red blood cells
  • Periodic pain that may become severe
  • Ongoing infections due to damaged spleen
  • Vision issues due to small blood vessels getting clogged with sickle cells
  • Swelling of feet, and hands caused by C-shaped red blood cells obstructing the blood circulation
  • Slow puberty can occur due to a shortage of healthy red blood cells

Pregnancy & Sickle Cell Disease

Regular prenatal care is of utmost importance whether you have SCD or not. Many a time, SCD turns more severe during gestation. You may feel vision issues, and pain episodes. Let’s know about the complications of SCD during pregnancy:

  • Miscarriage. The condition refers to a spontaneous loss of a baby before the twentieth week of pregnancy. Signs may include vaginal bleeding, abdominal pain, lower back pain, weakness, severe cramps, decreased pregnancy symptoms, etc.
  • Premature birth. When the baby is born before the 37th week of pregnancy, the condition is known as preterm birth. Complications can be short-term or long-term in the baby.
  • Low birth weight. Premature birth or fetal development restrictions may lead to low birthweight babies. However, these babies can be healthy too. If you look for genetic testing in Siliguri in order to prevent complications of SCD, talk to the leading genetic doctor in town.

Besides medications and childhood vaccination, doctors may suggest lifestyle choices such as healthy eating, adequate fluid intake, avoiding exposure to high altitudes where the oxygen level is low, moderate exercise, et al.

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