Best lehenga choli

1. Mermaid or fishtail or trumpet style lehenga

Giving the conventional lehengas by a contemporary look and feel are the mermaid fishtail style lehengas. They flare from beneath the knees and are firmly embracing at your midsection and butts so a bodysuit is suggested.

We, the group of wholesalecatalog, are capable of altered wedding wear for all kinds of people. Simply let us know what and how you need and woohoo, you’ll get it precisely the way.

Also, as it will highlight your bends more, you better let it all out to look more present day and stylish.

Tip: This style is the most ideal for hourglass and square shape body shape, additionally in the event that you have an athletic body shape (more like rectangular however with 

much-characterized shoulders, tight calves, all around fabricated and conditioned arms and shoulders) yet not for the remainder of the body types as then your butts will be the argument which obviously you will not be needing.

2. Straight cut lehenga style

As the name suggests, this lehenga style is ideally suited for the individuals who don’t incline toward cushion or creases, or at least, ghera in their lehengas. The skirt has a straight cut which falls along the bends and works out in a good way for practically all body types.

Tip: It is the most appropriate for hourglass, apple and rectangular shapes yet not pear and excessively meager of a body structure

3. Round Lehenga Skirt

The round skirt is one of the most erupted types with the base hemline framing a flawless circle. The fall looks like that of recent ball outfits.

Tips: If you have stature, go for this look on your gathering night.

4. Lehenga with long weighty coat

Go in vogue with a lehenga combined with a long coat. Ensure the long coat is vigorously weaved if the lehenga is plain, however the vice versa (weighty lehenga and plain lengthy coat) won’t work out in a good way.

Tips: Long coat length should be the same as lehenga length.

5. Unsettle or layered lehenga skirt

Presently some of you may resemble that it’s simply a style dislike a specific lehenga type as all of the above mentioned however trust us, in the beyond couple of years it also has turned into a style proclamation and is a kind of lehenga in itself with unsettles or layers all around the skirt.

It looks and feels contemporary as well as very erupted and light to convey in the event that the ornaments have relatively little of weaving or embellishments.

The layers can be of comparable shading as the base skirt or conversely, also.

Tip: This style of lehenga is the best fit for a rearranged triangle and rectangular-molded bodies as it gives cushion and volume from the midriff till the hemline.

6. Wide and Flared Skirt

This is the run of the mill western outfit style lehenga skirt that are massively well known nowadays. The skirt has a very erupted and voluminous cut. These generally come in soft textures that enhance the volume.

Tips: Choose unbiased, bare or light pastel shades for these sorts of lehenga skirts. A minuscule sequin choli supplements the volume of the skirt.

7. Net or cross section lehenga

Again as expressed for the layered lehenga, network lehenga skirts are acquiring fame since they are light, look rich and any print or example turns out best for them. Whether it be weaving, flowers or simply typical prints.

Tip: Women on the massive side ought to try not to wear a net as it will make them look more fleecy and won’t appear to be engaging as much as on a thin body or ladies having a more modest waistline.

Tips for pick your lehenga skirt

A few hints that we need you to remember while picking your lehenga are:

Be sure about the way that whether you need a pre-sewed lehenga or need one sewed on the grounds that then you can pay special attention to styles and textures.

Pick a lehenga or get a sewn one which compliments your body type as few out of every odd style will match your body type. Everybody’s body is unique thus to emphasize it, it’s better that you go with the best fitting style.

Pick texture according to the period of the capacity. Likewise the shading and weight of the lehenga.

Keep extras and cosmetics in a state of harmony with your lehenga. Try not to go for weighty cosmetics assuming that the clothing is weighty as it will look more. Keep it unpretentious and dewy.

However, on the off chance that the lehenga is on the lighter side, weighty cosmetics would work incredibly.

Your Body shape and Types of Lehenga you Choose

The body types that an individual can have so when you get to sewing of the lehenga or are sitting in the power source to browse the assortment you are being shown, you know the very thing sort of lehenga would complement your bends, improve your body and suit you the most and afterward pick the Lehenga Type.

Ruler or rectangular molded body 

That is your bust, midsection and hips are similarly little in extents thus it appears to be a square shape

Pear or triangle molded body 

Large hips and little bust highlighting your bends well

Apple or altered triangle formed body

Larger bust than hips, indistinct midriff, round shoulders, more modest hips and more modest legs and arms.

Hourglass-molded body 

Naturally round hindquarters and your bust lines are obvious with somewhat adjusted shoulders

Oval molded body 

Larger bust than the remainder of the body with restricted hips and nearly more full midriff.

So above are the absolute most normal body shapes regularly found however there are other body types too. Trust that you get some motivation from the accompanying kinds of lehenga skirts for sometime later!

Lehenga Skirt

Assuming you are an Indian or regardless of whether you’re not however have gone to an Indian wedding, then, at that point, you should know about the absolute first reality that Indian weddings are about you advancing your conventional side forthright.

Regardless of whether it implies it’s genuinely conventional or a combination. What’s more, while discussing convention, there are not just the traditions or customs that we continue in an Indian wedding, rather than the clothing as well.


Furthermore, for ladies or the women as we should say, the most well known is the lehengas and sarees. So here, we’ll be offering to all you women, every one of the potential sorts of lehenga skirts that you can look over in light of your body type, style and inclination.

These new yet conventional lehenga styles depend on textures and cuts rather than examples, embellishments or even weaving. You can mess with a mix of Lehenga skirt, pullover and dupatta to give you a new look without fail.

So assuming you’re intending to go for a wedding and need a tweaked outfit for yourself for giving style objectives and motivation to other people, then, at that point, you have arrived at the ideal locations.

Finally, do tell us in the remarks area underneath that what was your number one style of lehenga skirt for the following impending wedding!

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