Best management games to play in 2022

List of 5 best management games

Looking for a new kind of entertainment to have fun in a group or individually? You might like the management game that consists in virtually running all kinds of economic factors such as a company, a country or a city, or even a sports club. If you don’t know what to refer to when choosing one of these video games, check out this guide we have prepared for you.

1. Planet Zoo

Planet Zoo is, in many ways, quite similar to Jurassic World Evolution 2. Of course, it is no longer about dinosaurs, but about real animal species currently present on the surface of our planet. On the other hand, the concept remains more or less the same, it is a tycoon game, a management game in which you will do everything to create the most beautiful, most successful, most pleasant, and most profitable animal park.

Planet Zoo impresses first of all by its aesthetics with 80 animals modeled in a simply exceptional way. Even better, without being an educational game, the game takes the opportunity to teach us a lot of things about the animals we bring into the park. We have to recreate their habitat as faithfully as possible so that they are well there.

Despite the richness of the available options, Planet Zoo is also very good at making us progress smoothly and, in this sense, it is a perfect “beginner’s” management game, although the higher challenges will interest even the most expert.

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2. Satisfactory

Of all our selection, Satisfactory is the only one that has not yet been effectively released. So why tell you about it? Simply because it has been in early access for long enough for us to have a very good idea of its potential… and it is huge. On the principle, Satisfactory is a kind of 3D version of the remarkable Factorio, which we decided not to include in this selection. The game proposes us to play as an engineer of the FICSIT company who has been sent to a new planet.

3. Surviving Mars

If Elon Musk plans to colonize Mars in the “near” future, on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, we can already do it for more than two years, thanks to the studio Haemimont Games which proposes to send imposing shuttles on the red planet. A pure city-builder, Surviving Mars differs from classics like SimCity because of its environment: there is obviously no question of building highways and residential areas on Mars.

4. Tropico 6

Tropico 6 is logically a management game, very much focused on city-building and taking place in a fictitious Latin American republic. You play as a president who is obviously adored by his people, elected by an overwhelming majority, and who thinks above all about the well-being of his population.

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5. Two Point Hospital

Unquestionably the very good surprise of 2018, Two Point Hospital did not, however, simplify things by declaring most officially that it wanted to pay tribute to the excellent, but very old Theme Hospital. Yet, 21 years later, the team at Two Point Studios has wonderfully risen to the challenge. Basically, it is a tycoon game as we have seen dozens of them, even if the hospital context is obviously more original.

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