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Best Method to Extract Multiple Outlook Email attachments 2022

A Simply Compress Outlook PST

Do you need to store several email attachments on your computer? Find out how to download email attachments in bulk here! Outlook PST Compress quick and simple. However, it is not recommended to utilize your email as a permanent storage location for files, especially since such information may be deleted or lead you to go over storage allotments. We’ll demonstrate how to retrieve all of your e-mail attachments at once.

Every one of your mail attachments from providers like Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook may be collected and safely stored on your local machine. Depending on your email service, you can utilize a number of different techniques. Look over the choices below to find which one is best for you.


How to Save Attachments from Several Emails in the Outlook

If you get your emails using the Office version of Outlook, you may download all of your attachments using a free programmer called Compress PST Tool for Outlook by Softaken. Since 2003, it functioning with every version of Outlook.

There are advantages to using Softaken Outlook PST Compress.

  • Each Outlook attachment should be deleted and stored with caution.
  • Reduce the size of any unnecessary PST files; decide whether to split and store attachments.
  • Straightforward clearance of the occupied area.
  • error-free and simple to use
  • Microsoft Outlook does not need to be installed for a safe conversion without data loss.
  • Both ANSI and UNICODE PST files can be used.
  • Consider using a free PST compression application.
  • current versions of the operating system are compatible
  • The choice to remove any PST file you like from a location you specify.
  • No further software is needed.
  • Customer service professionals are on call 24/7.

Simply use these straightforward techniques to retrieve all attachments.

  1. Get Compress PST Pro Tool and set it up.
  2. By selecting Add File or Folder, PST files may be uploaded.
  3. Choose a location to put the newly produced PST file.
  4. Select “Remove & store Attachments” as the PST file compression option that best suits your needs.
  5. To begin, click the Start button.

Manual Method.

This native approach generally involves two phases that include the usage of VBA and MS Outlook. Below are instructions on how to extract attachments from various Outlook emails.

First, employ VBA

1. Press Alt+F11 to activate the Outlook VBA dialogue box after opening Outlook on your PC.

2. After that, choose Insert >> Module to launch a new wizard.

3. Next, paste the conversation box with the script from below. Pay close attention to the path and replace it with the one you like in sSaveFolder.

Public Sub SaveAttachmentsToDisk(MItem As Outlook.MailItem)
Dim attachment As Outlook.Attachment
Dim sSaveFolder As String
save folder = “C:\Users\admin\Downloads\Outlook Attachments”
For Each attachment In MItem.Attachments
attachment.SaveAsFile sSaveFolder & attachment.DisplayName
End Sub

4. After pasting the script, save it, then close the VBA window.

Generate a rule in step two that requires all Outlook attachments to be deleted.

1. Open MS Outlook and choose the Manage Rules & Alerts, Rules, and New Rule choices from the Home menu.

2. Under the Rules window, must enter the Apply rule to communications I receive a checkbox. Then click the Next button to proceed.

3. Then, pick the script text you created in Step 2 and select the checkbox adjacent to the command to run a script to retrieve attachments from many Outlook emails.

4. Select the code using the wizard that appears, and then click OK.

5. It will then be passed on to the next box, where
a. The rule’s name will be requested in Step 1.
b. You’ll be prompted to select your favorite option in Step two, and
c. You’ll be asked to click Finish on Step 3.

Following the completion of the required procedures, all attachments are going to be kept at the location that has been selected.

Users can use the manual way, but it has certain limitations because they can’t bulk export attachments from numerous emails in Outlook. For novice users, implementing the manual methods could be challenging. Given all the shortcomings of the manual method, it is typically advisable to use a dependable and uncomplicated solution, such as Softaken Outlook PST Compress Tool.


Why should I choose this tool over alternative 3rd party software?

You could be asking yourself why to use this programmer when so many free ones are available online. The solution given below is what you need to resolve this issue; these are a few of the salient characteristics that distinguish it as a top utility among other tools.

Immediately save attachments from several PST files.

1. Use the Add File (s) & Add Folder option to add a single or a large number of PST files. Both the ANSI and UNICODE PST file formats are supported by the software for compression.

2. The ability to save every attachment from PST files.

3. With the help of this tool, large PST files may be compressed without sacrificing data or information integrity.

4. Keeping the folder structure for the retrieved PST attachments is a sophisticated decision.

5. The most recent versions of Outlook 2021, 2019, 2016, 2013, etc. are supported.

Features of Outlook PST compression software.

Combine a lot of PST files.

A PST file may become corrupt if the quantity of data stored is more than what is help (ANSI – 2GB and Unicode 20 GB). The sophisticated utility gives you the choice to remove attachments, compress them, and save them in the desired spot on your PC.

Note any attachments and delete them.

This is referred to as selecting a certain item. The programmer has the ability to extract and store attachments from a PST file in a separate folder. In this way, you may divide attachments from a PST file.

Extracting attachments to the desire PST files is possible.

The software works exactly how you want it to. The attachments are extract from the PST files that you’ve selected. Without your instructions, the computer programmer cannot advance even a single step. It carries out your instructions.

Save, Compress, and Remove.

To save the attachments in a separate folder, you can utilize the option to remove the chosen PST file’s attachments. The Shrink PST utility removes unneeded cache, wasted space, and trash space to let you reduce file size.

Anywhere you choose, save the attachments.

The extract attachments are save using the Save Attachment capability in a place that the user sets. You can create a new folder to save the extracted data in.

A separate utility.

It is a stand-alone programmer that may shrink and delete PST file attachments without requiring the installation of Microsoft Outlook or any other programmer. Simply carry out the compression procedure with this handy programmer.

Final Verdict.

One of the most common questions from Outlook users is how to extract all attachments from several emails. This blog describes the most efficient method, which incorporates both automatic and manual processes. However, due to the numerous drawbacks of the manual/typical technique, employing the aforementioned 3rd party solution is strongly suggest.

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