Best Ms in HR Schools In the USA for Indian students

The USA still stands out to be the top study destination for students looking to pursue higher education. Also, the USA is well-known for its master’s in human resources programs that provide an excellent opportunity to students who want to make a career that involves working with people. MBA in UK and USA are the top colleges to target. The program will help you develop the necessary interpersonal and communication skills required to work with people from various cultures and backgrounds(MS in HR).

Additionally, A master’s in Human Resources in the USA is designed for students who wish to careers dealing with compensation, policy, organizational behavior, change management, employment law etc. Graduates from a master’s program in human resources have a pool of opportunities in the USA due to the presence of huge industries, ranging from non-profit organizations to multinational corporations.

Why study master’s in Human Resources in the USA

  • The field of Human Resources is growing rapidly in the USA posing excellent opportunities for graduates from master’s in human resources
  • After completion of a master’s in human resources, graduates can opt for doctoral programs in human resources in the top business schools in the USA
  • The median salary for an HR professional is around 100,000 USA and is expected to grow in the upcoming years
  • The USA is home to some of the top multinational companies in the world which opens up the opportunities to pursue your dream career.

Top University/Colleges for Masters in Human Resources in the USA

USA is one of the best study destinations for a master’s in human resources for international students. Following is the list of some of the top universities in the USA for a master’s in Human Resources

University Admission Requirements
Stanford University Standardised test Scores, Work experience, interview, Academic performance
University of Chicago UG degree, GMAT or GRE, TOEFL/IELTS or PTE score
Cornell University Academic Excellence, Resume, Gmat/GRE, Essay, Experience
University of Michigan Transcripts, Standardised Test Scores, Resume, Essay, LOR, interview
New York University Academic Transcripts, GRE/GMAT score, essay, resume, work history
University of Wisconsin at Madison Transcripts, essay, current resume, professional LOR, standardized test scores, work experience, the interview
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Undergraduate degree, 3 years of work experience, English proficiency test scores, 2 LOR,, and essays
Pursue University Transcripts, 2 LOR, SOP, GRE/GMAT, essays, resume/CV
Ohio State University UG academic transcripts, standardised test score, resume, essay, lor, video interview, and live interview
Texas A&M University Bachelor’s Degree, 2 years of work experience, LOR, essays, GMAT/GRE score, English proficiency test score
University of Minnesota Application, transcripts, Gmat/Gre score, personal statement, professsional lor, English proficiency test score, resume, video essay, interview
Arizona State University Academic Transcripts, LOR, Gmat/Gre Score, English proficiency test score
Marquette University Transcripts, test scores, LOR
Brigham Young University GPA of 3.5/5, excellent Gre/Gmat score, 4 year UG degree, 2 years of work experience, essay, LOR, resume
Portland State University Transcripts, resume, essay(250 words), interview, 2 LOR, GRE/GMAT score, English proficiency test score

Cost of a Master’s in Human Resources in the USA for Indian Students

Pre-arrival cost

The pre-arrival cost are expenses incurrend before you reach the study destination, These include expenses such as travel expenses, immigration costs, and standardised exam fees.


Type of Expense Cost in USD Equivalent Cost in INR
Airfare 500-1000 37000 – 75,000
Visa Application Fees 160 11,900
Ielts Fee 240 17,870
Toefl Fee 200 14,900
Gmat Fee 275 20,600
Gre Fee 213 15,857

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Tuition Fees

Here is the tuition fees of some of the top universities in USA:

University Tuition Cost in USD Tuition Equivalent in INR
Stanford University 74,700 55.70 lakhs
University of Chicago 74,900 55.90 lakhs
Cornell University 74,000 55.20 lakhs
University of Michigan 72,000 53,80 lakhs
New York University 78,700 58.70 lakhs
Purdue University 59,900 44.77 lakhs


Cost of Living in the USA

The cost of living in the USA depends on factors like campus location, program accessories, lifestyle, and other expenses.

Expense Type Monthly Cost in USD Cost Equivalent in INR
Student Housing On Campus:1000

Off Campus: 600-800

On Campus: 75,517

Off-Campus: 44,700-59,600

Meals 100 – 170 7000 – 12000
Transport 100-300 7000 – 22,000
Health Insurance 450 – 700 33,500 – 53,000
Personal Expenses 300 – 600 22,000 – 44,000

Jobs after Master’s In HR in USA

The average salary of a human resources manager in the USA is around 150,000 USD. Additionally, a human resource manager with experience less than 2 years earns a salary around 85,000 USD per annum. Some of the most reputed roles after masters in human resources management are:


Profession Average Salary in USD
Benefits Manager 120,000
Chief People Officer 150,000
Compensation Analyst 73,000
Corporate Director of Human Resources 160,000
Employee Relations manager 100,000


The USA is a great study destination to pursue a career in Human Resource Management. Further, it is home to some of the top universities in the world providing top-quality education to develop and enhance your knowledge in human resources. Moreover, universities like Stanford, Michigan, Cornell University are some of the world-class universities that will provide you with the knowledge and experience to develop holistically. Additionally, there is a great number of scholarships available for international students to fund their studies.

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