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Best Tricky to Orphaned OST File to Outlook PST Format

Through this article, we will discuss how to Orphaned OST files to PST Outlook. As several users are still suffering to know the best solution to convert OST files to PST format without any error. But, there can’t find any suitable way to do so.

So, what and how a user can convert OST files into Outlook PST format hassle-free? No need to worry today, we are going to provide you with the best and easy way to complete this task in an easy & simple manner. For that, you need to read the blog starting to end without wasting any single time users. Let us start the process step by step. Here, are our professional approaches to finishing this task.

Before, moving toward the solution, first, we will know why the OST file turn into an Orphaned file.

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Why Does an OST File Turn into an Orphaned File?

In some cases, your file is not in the file folder properly, then in that case file may be turned into Orphaned. There are some points mentioned below:-

  • Failure of the hard disk, the exchange server can harm its database and make the OST file store itself as an orphaned file.
  • It may get orphaned if a coaching controller is used along with the exchange server, in that case, its failure may harm the database and make the file orphan.
  • The end last, if due to any reason a database is damaged, especially when the exchange server, is accessing the database, it can turn a file into an orphan.

How to Read an Orphaned OST File?

To recover the orphaned OST file manually, by following the below-mentioned steps:-

  • Firstly, visit the Exchange admin center (EAC) and enter the email address which is to be used to connect the MAPI exchange server.
  • Now, hit the Mailbox admin Features option
  • It enables POP3 if it is disabled or disables it if it is enabled.

Note: Do the same with IMAP and MAPI as well.

“As after understanding the manual steps and the why OST file switch into Orphan. But, one question still arises what is the easiest way to resolve this task without facing any single steps during the procedure? So, don’t need to worry about it in the below section, we have also discussed the best and most reliable solution which helps you to convert the OST file into Outlook PST with easy working steps.”

Instant Solution to Orphaned OST to PST File Format

Use the above-mentioned method to recover the Orphaned OST File. But, after using that method it can be a bit inconvenient option to consider. There is an alternative solution to read or remove an Orphaned OST file i.e. by converting it into a PST file with an easy & trouble-free procedure.

OST to PST Converter Software to convert the orphaned OST file into PST and read it easily. As the utility has a user-friendly interface which makes it, even more, simpler for the non-technical user to convert the Orphaned OST file to PST format. Through this tool, one can also export emails, contacts, journals, etc. from an OST file to an Outlook PST file. This software makes the conversion fast and convenient.

Now, follow the software working steps to complete this task in an easy & simple manner without facing any hassle.

Easy Steps to Orphaned OST File to PST Outlook

Here are the easy & quick steps to convert multiple orphan OST files into Outlook PST without installing any other application. Using the above automated solution to make your task easier. Let us follow the below step-by-step process:-

  1. Launch and run the software on your Windows machine.
  2. Browse the OST file which you want to export in PST format
  3. Now, preview the browsed OSR file Mailbox Data and Hit on the Export button
  4. Finally, choose the PST file format and browse the destination path to convert OST to PST.

“I wish after performing our tool you get your solution to orphaned OST file as an Outlook PST file. This can easily recover or read the Orphaned OST file without facing any single error. So, we just say that use the professional tool to fulfill all your requirements to recover the Orphaned OST file.”

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Observational Verdict

In the above article, we have discussed the best & easy solution to Orphaned OST files to PST Outlook hassle-free. As two methods help you to recover or read the orphan OST file. But, manually it is not possible because the manual method has many limitations to do so. So, you don’t need to worry, you can easily use professional software which is so easy & the quickest way to recover and read the multiple Orphaned OST file in a PST Outlook format. Read this blog, carefully to understand the easy ways to Orphaned the OST file.

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