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Biggest Plastic Surgery Blunders Everyone Talks About

Hollywood is an extremely competitive world where the pressure to look attractive and young is ‘real’. Most celebrities just wish to feel confident and comfortable in their own skin – and there is absolutely no shame in opting for beauty procedures that help you feel your best.

However, a wide range of A-list stars has been questioning or regretting the plastic surgery work on their bodies and faces. From problematic nose jobs to Botox mishaps, they shed light on the reasons they got plastic surgery in the first place, and why they wished they hadn’t in the hindsight.

Check Out the Rest of the Biggest Plastic Surgery Blunders

  • Jessica Simpson

When discussing plastic surgery blunders, we need to mention the American actor and singer, Jessica Simpson. During an interview, she shed light on the fact that she hated the lip injections she got. She said they looked fake but thankfully the effect only lasted four months. Her lips went back to normal.

  • Lisa Rinna

Among all the plastic surgery blunders in Hollywood, Lisa Rinna’s was certainly the most shocking. The ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star was well-known for her big lips but she reduced her injections in the latter half of her career. Lisa got most of the silicone out because it looked outright unappealing.

  • Victoria Beckham

In 2017, Victoria Beckham wrote a letter to her younger self. She admitted there how she regretted her decision of getting breast implants. She even said she denied going for plastic surgery, which stemmed from her insecurity. According to Victoria, while cosmetic procedures are effective, it is necessary to appreciate what we have.

  • Courteney Cox

One of the biggest plastic surgery mishaps is of Friends star, Courteney Cox. She injected facial fillers for several years. The layers of cosmetic enhancement gradually took away her natural beauty and left behind an artificial appearance. Courteney said she finally felt better after dissolving all of the fillers.

  • Khloe Kardashian

The experts dealing with plastic surgery blunders said everyone knows the Kardashian and Jenner sisters love plastic surgery. It is no secret that Khloe Kardashian has spent her fair share of time in a doctor’s clinic. But she admitted she was not happy with her fillers. She got them dissolved because it made her look a bit crazy.

  • Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz had also been a victim of plastic surgery mistakes. She said she got Botox done once but she would never walk down that path again. Botox aimed to paralyze the facial muscles and smooth the telltale signs of aging. But according to Diaz, it made her look weird – it felt like her face did not belong to her anymore.

  • Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner has garnered extensive recognition for her plump lips. However, the entrepreneur and socialite said that she regretted a few of her lip injections. Kylie got excited about her plastic surgery outcomes and went overboard. She made her lips excessively big at one point.

  • Heather Morris

The experts providing plastic surgery in Miami said the Glee star, Heather Morris, grew tired of her breast implants. She said she wanted bigger breasts when she was young but now she simply regrets them. Heather said how it was challenging to exercise with big breasts and how her chest was always sore.

  • Jane Fonda

Activist and actress Jane Fonda is a victim of plastic surgery blunders. She feels not too proud of getting the work done. She said she was so concerned about her looks that she just went along with it. Jane Fonda thinks that when you are taught you have to be pretty and thin to be loved, you jump into a lot of trouble.

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  • Joan Rivers

If you are talking about Hollywood stars who undertook plastic surgery, you must mention Joan Rivers. She is famous as the ‘queen of plastic surgeries. Thankfully, she was in love with most of the plastic surgery work. However, the late comedian did admit that she was not happy with the outcome of her liposuction. It was one of the classic plastic surgery errors.

Joan did not consult the doctor; hence, the effect was not desirable.

  • Nicole Kidman

If you look for plastic surgery blunders in Hollywood, you would surely find Nicole Kidman’s name in the list. Although the ‘Big Little Lies’ star never went under the knife, she tried Botox. However, she did not like the way it made her face look and feel. She wanted to be able to move her face again.

To ensure your plastic surgery lasts for a long time and looks good, you must get in touch with the best medical professional in your area. Schedule an appointment only if you have realistic expectations. Remember, a nose job or liposuction would not eliminate life’s challenges. Anyway, if it contributes to your self-confidence, just go for it.

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