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Blogging as A Writer : Benefits and Drawbacks

Blogging Writer

The past few years have seen a rise in the number of bloggers all around the world. This is largely because, firstly, it’s a good source of revenue if you have the entrepreneurial capability to do so and, secondly, the internet provides a much bigger audience for your works. Blogging has created a good platform for authors to advertise their works. Traditionally, authors had to go through hurdles and lots of convincing to have their books published. Well, this is no longer the case.

With the internet, an author can reach the audience directly by making their book available online. However, caution must be exercised. Blogging appears to be an easy avenue for upcoming writers, and this isn’t the case. It isn’t easy! Blogging is just not for everyone. Should you decide that blogging is the path you want to take, then I think it’s vital that you’re aware of some of the benefits and the major drawbacks that you may face.

Drawbacks of Blogging

Nothing in this life comes easy. Achieving success takes a lot of patience, working hard, and being smart. Being passionate about something is not enough for you to be successful. Understand that blogging is just like any other venture and requires more than just passion or expertise. So, what major challenges should you anticipate should you decide to be a blogger?

  1. You Will Not Be An Overnight Success

As a blogger, understanding that writing is an art is quite pertinent. This implies that it will take quite a bit of time and studying to reach maturity (legendary level). The communication skills, in particular, writing skills learned in school, will not be enough to set you apart from amateur writers, but you will have to slowly learn from your mistakes, from other accomplished writers, and even your audience. Therefore, don’t think your blog will be an overnight success! But it will be an exciting and easy journey if you have the willingness and patience to learn, and to accept that there’s always some room left for improvement.

  1. Time

A blog needs to be constantly updated with new content. Having new and fresh material for your audience is a good way to attract and maintain a big following. It takes lots and lots of time to be able to always have good and worthwhile content for your audience. Be prepared, as a blogger, to do enough research so as to always be on top. Yes, you don’t have to post material on a daily basis. But you must do it periodically, maybe weekly, or monthly. If you have enough time, you can do it daily. At all times ensure that your material is fresh and original if you want a bigger and better audience. It will cost you a lot of time to maintain a perfectly good blog, so be ready to fully dedicate yourself to it.

  1. Making Money

Don’t go into blogging with dreams of overnight riches. Yes, blogging can be a good source of income if you get advertising gigs or affiliate links. Many authors have fallen prey to the idea of getting overnight riches through their blogs. Firstly, having a blog is not a guarantee of income. You must develop your blog diligently and have good entrepreneurial skills. How do you develop your blog diligently? Well, it’s as simple as having good and refreshing content for your audience. Having a big audience will generate the traffic that you need.

Note that a large percentage of bloggers who have been able to generate income are mainly authors who use the blog as an advertising platform for their books and other materials they might have published.

Benefits of Blogging

Discouraged much? Well, don’t be! Irrespective of the challenges cited above, blogging is actually a good venture to explore, but why?

  1. The Online World Is Quite Vast

You’ll not be able to learn the ropes of how it works, the challenges that exist, and the benefits that come with it in a day. Having a blog presents you with an excellent opportunity to learn more about the ins and outs of the online world. You can learn a couple of things from running a blog. You will have to familiarize yourself more with social media, learn about website development with no pressure, just at your own pace. And finally, more on blog promotion. Your understanding of the above and your ability to maximize the present opportunities is a very big plus for you. Take an example of social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. As you build your blog, you can use these platforms to promote your blog posts and website.

  1. The Internet Is A Good Way Of Learning Or Improving Your Language Skills

Blogging is one such way. Constant writing allows you to grow by ensuring that your writing skills are on point. An added advantage of blogging is that you get to learn a great deal from your mistakes, your readers, fellow bloggers, and the general online community. So, if you have an interest in becoming a writing guru, taking up blogging provides a perfect learning avenue for you. A true author understands that reaching perfection in writing takes lots of reading and writing.

  1. What Is Your Blog All About?

What are you giving your audience? Your ability to fully comprehend this question and your ability to act on it is crucial. The first step to achieving success in blogging is the writer’s ability to answer this question. Blogging allows you to have followers. You get to create a community of like-minded people, probably comprised of other bloggers, your fans, and critics. Therefore, every single time you post an article, the online community that you’ve created will provide their input about your post. You will get to educate each other, promote your published books, and those of other colleagues who will, in turn, do the same for you.

Blogging as A Writer


  1. Blogging Has Over The Years Become A Good Source Of Income

Over the years, blogging has evolved into an economic venture. There are some ways to earn revenue from running a blog. Mainly through posting ads and affiliate links. However, I am not telling you to quit your job and become a full-time blogger because of the potential revenue. Remember, this is a process that takes years. Getting the necessary recognition that guarantees financial success takes a lot of skill.


Blogging is fun! Irrespective of the challenges that present themselves. If you have your mind and heart focused on a goal, you will never go wrong. The same applies to blogging. Yes, the road to attaining success might be a bit bumpy but what good thing comes easy? Nothing, right? Just like with any other venture you may decide to partake in, you’ll face a couple of challenges. However, your ability to overcome them and maximize the benefits is what really matters.

Think of the successes that await you in blogging, both financial gains, and growth in skill. Patience, understanding, and flexibility are necessary should you decide to take on this journey. You can never have enough time, therefore, learn how to make use of your time sparingly. You may need lots of time to keep your blog running irrespective of whether you post content daily, weekly, or monthly. If you feel that blogging is your thing and you have what it takes to overcome the challenges, then don’t be shy…take it up, and give it all that you’ve got!

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