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Brass Water Taps in India: Top Queries

Is brass good for tap?

The ideal material choice for water taps in bathrooms and kitchens is often brass. Any brass water tap is suitable for installation in a humid, chilly, hot, or damp climate. The greatest option for daily usage is any form of the brass faucet, including pillar taps, bib taps, mixer taps, and others.

Is brass OK for drinking water?

Yes. Brass material these days does not have any lead content which was earlier present. With the absence of lead content, brass faucets have become the ideal water taps for kitchens and drinking water purposes. This material has anti-microbial properties that release purifying ions and minerals. Due to this, water flowing from the brass faucets is mostly pure and safe to drink.

Which tap is better steel or brass?

The choice of tap completely depends on you. Both steel and brass water taps are efficient and perform well. However, when it comes to its economics of it, brass faucets are more reasonable and easier on the pockets.  But their functionality and characteristics are similar to that of a stainless steel faucet. The brass faucet does not rust or corrode due to excessive exposure to water and moisture since it does not have any iron in it. It is an alloy of copper and zinc. The virgin brass faucets may fade or dull down with respect to colour, but will not corrode. Even for this, Chrome-plated brass faucets can always be installed to keep the style and performance in check!

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What should I look for when buying a tap?

While buying a tap, the first thing you should consider is the kind of tap you want to install. The type of water tap should be appropriate to the space you want to install it in. For instance, in shower areas, brass mixer taps are most suitable. The second thing is the material and the warranty. Good and pure materials will have long warranties. Like Ruhe, Brass Faucets are made of brass Ingot (The purest form of brass) and have 10 years of warranty.

Are more expensive taps better?

It never depends on the price, but always on the material and the warranty. These days you may notice that the established big brands in kitchen and bathroom fittings have exorbitant prices for basic water taps like pillar taps and bib taps, but it is just the brand value. You can easily find good material brass faucets at reasonable prices with other young brands. Brass faucets that are chrome plated are the most cost-effective bathroom and kitchen fittings for Indian households.

Which tap is good for hard water Plastic or Brass?

Both plastic and virgin brass do not rust or corrode. The brass taps may after a few years due to regular usage and wear and tear, start to change colour due to the zinc, but they never rust because of the absence of iron. Plastic taps are again non-rusting and non-corrosive. But for durability and long-lasting usage, brass water taps are always recommended.

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