Calamari Rings Recipe you Would love

Calamari Rings Recipe

There are different opinions about the origin of calamari rings. According to a few, the dish originated in Spain. But some people also say that it originated in Lebanon, Greece, or Italy.

Anyhow, this is the written recipe for the calamari rings. Particularly, you only need calamari squids, some batter for marination, and light spices. For making the dish super soft people even add a small quantity of milk to it. To make the flavors more enhancing then you should take fresh calamari.

Frozen one will be a little harder to eat. There is no compulsion, if frozen is only available then take them. The dish is common to eat in the origin countries. Some people often serve this dish in various types of platters. People usually have them for lunch and dinner. Some even have them for snacks. Like they fill in the buns and sandwiches.



  • 5 to 6 pieces of whole calamari
  • Flour a cup
  • Olive oil 2 tablespoons
  • Lemon juice 1 tablespoon
  • Paprika, salt pepper a half teaspoon
  • Milk half a cup

Tips regarding ingredients

  • You can either take clean calamari or clean them yourself. The process is not very difficult.
  • Afterward, there are many options for coating. In this recipe, all-purpose flour is used. But you can also use breadcrumbs with egg or flour from the chickpeas.
  • Instead of using the above-mentioned spices use other types of pepper like cayenne
  • Some people prefer milk. You can use lemon juice only for the squids to become tender


  1. Firstly, cut the calamari into rings shapes
  2. Then, soak them in milk for half an hour. You can even soak them in lemon juice.
  3. Now, mix the dry ingredients for the coating batter
  4. After thirty minutes or so, remove the rings
  5. Place them on tissue paper
  6. To dry them. If they remain wet, then your rings will be soggy even after frying
  7. Further, coat your rings with the dry ingredients
  8. You need to do the double coating for the rings
  9. For this, again dip the rings into the milk. And then put them in the dry batter
  10. This specific process will make them extra crispy and the coating will be permanent
  11. The final step is to heat the pan with the oil. And shallow fry the rings.
  12. Sprinkle some spices or garnish them with tomatoes, lemon, onions, and ciliary leaves
  13. You can even put some sauces for extra flavors

Special instructions for the recipe

If you want your calamari rings to become soft and juicy. Then, you need to soak them in milk. Once they are soaked, the enzymes of milk will make them soft. Or you can use lemon juice instead. They both do the same job. Soaking can be done for half an hour or for an hour. But lemon juice is acidic, so you should not soak them longer in it. Because dipping them longer would make the squids weaker and they would be unable to fry.

Servings essentials

Usually, this dish is served as an appetizer for the main course. You can try to adjust them with Spanish dishes. You can also serve them with boiled, marinated, spicy vegetables. Instead of boiling, you can fry them to make them a bit crunchy.

The best coating for the dish

You should not apply a thick coat to the calamari rings. Because if you apply thick batter then it won’t let them fry. And they would remain raw from inside. They do the coating of all-purpose flour. Afterward, people even like to coat them with flour chickpea. You can add light spices to the coating to double the taste.

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