Can construction claims really be helpful in resolving disputes?

The construction industry may seem attractive to some, and a lot of kids have seen construction sites in numerous cartoons and movies, especially in Baby’s Day Out. Even the Flintstones cartoon did show a thing or two about construction.

However, setbacks in construction were common but not frequent. Delays happened due to financial issues to natural disasters. Construction companies and contractors often were mindful of such and often did their best to avoid such problems.

How was the construction industry before COVID-19?

The construction industry has seen its ups and downs. Yet it was among those industry and business sectors that posted considerable growth post the 2008 recession. There were also pretty much numerous innovations. Particularly in the usage of Leadership in Energy Efficient Design (L.E.E.D) design and materials. 

Yet, the typical materials such as concrete and solid steel are still used. Innovation in architecture helped bring construction booms in certain places around the world. Cost cutting is still in method but projects were often completed promptly. Moreover, material shortages hardly persisted except in some developing markets.

How did the construction industry fare post COVID-19?

Arguably one of the worst periods in the world’s history, the COVID-19 pandemic caused a lot of problems in the world. The construction industry suffered from numerous delays and setbacks, as the pandemic made a lot of people sick. 

When the world went into a lockdown, construction projects came to a standstill and a lot of workers had fallen ill due to the disease. Some had died and some had fallen ill, this resulted in a lot of unnecessary expenses on contractors.

Regardless of how well the construction planning is, disagreements will always rise and need proper management. How quickly and effectively are contractors, construction companies and construction claims lawyers able to handle these issues is an important question to answer. 

Additionally, delays and stoppages in work only add to the bottom line. This in turn raises the costs of completing the project on time and heaps all the pressure on contractors.

Moreover, delays and work which are not able to be delivered in the promised timeline, then contractors will bear the brunt of the expenses. They will refund money to the affected parties.

Is there a way to be ready for this?

One way to be ready for unexpected disputes is securing the services of a dispute avoidance expert in the field of construction claims plus HSE contractors, so they can also help in consulting for construction claims.

They will be able to hear both sides and be able to bring help for an acceptable resolution across all parties. They avoid running the risk of having the project put on hold indefinitely. Their expertise helps everyone be on the right track, including the work.

Necessity of construction claims – can a construction claims consultancy help?

Construction claims experts provide a wide array of contractor services for any kind of construction project (infrastructure projects are an exception). They are not only able to assist with developing comprehensive schedules for critical paths but also conduct risk analyses, project schedules, provide projections for managing cash flows and to provide regular updates each month.

These tasks seem like a small amount of services offered. These firms work quite hard to accommodate the needs of numerous stakeholders and clientele involved in the construction industry.

As mentioned earlier the construction industry is a complex one. The COVID-19 pandemic brought a lot of problems and sent the industry into a total lockdown. With workers absent, equipment idle, workers even falling sick, contractors and managers stuck in an uncertain period and things worsening. Construction claims experts found it hard to resolve all associated disputes.

This is the reason why quantum experts are a part of construction claims consulting firms and services providers.

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