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Canada Express Entry- A Perfect Gateway to Canadian Permanent Residency

Gateway to Canadian Permanent Residency

The Canada Express Entry System is an ideal entry point for aspiring migrants who want to start a new life in Canada. The Federal Express Entry system is intended to organize and process foreign nationals’ PR visa applications. The main feature of this program is its processing time, which is only 8-12 months.

However, before we reach any conclusions, you must first determine the best Canadian immigration path for you by completing a free online profile assessment. You must select a program appropriate for your professional and personal circumstances.

Because Express Entry is in charge of managing applications for three major economic immigration programs. You must qualify for and apply for one of the three:
• Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP)
• Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP)
• Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

Apply for permanent residency in Canada through Canada Express Entry.

The program is divided into two stages. To begin, you must meet the Express Entry minimum eligibility criteria and be accepted into the pool of candidates.

You will require:

• Language test results in English/French
• Report on Educational Credential Evaluation (for education obtained outside of Canada)
• Valid passport or other travel documentation

When you submit your profile and enter the pool of candidates, you will be ranked among the other candidates using a points-based system known as the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS).

The CRS is a one-of-a-kind point-based system used by the IRCC to assess. And score the profiles of all candidates in the pool and rank them accordingly.

It evaluates your profile based on your:

• Age
• Skills
• Educational qualification
• Language ability (English / French)
• Work experience
• Other factors

Submit your Canada PR Visa Application

Suppose you meet the minimum score requirement in the individual Express Entry draw, usually held weekly. In that case, the IRCC will issue you an ITA or Invitation to Apply for a Canada PR visa. CRS will assign you a score out of 1200 based on the factors above.
All top-ranked candidates who have an ITA in their respective online accounts will be eligible to submit their electronic Application for Permanent Residence (eAPR), the final stage of Express Entry.

At this point, you must submit your eAPR and supporting documents as proof of all the information and details you provided in your online Express Entry profile. Please remember that receiving an ITA for Canada permanent residence from the IRCC does not guarantee your PR status in Canada. Receiving an ITA is a significant step toward realizing your Canadian immigration dream.

What are the required documents for Canada PR?

Complete and accurate documentation is critical at this stage! You must gather and submit all required documents and your eAPR and Canada PR fee. Documents are essential because they prove your qualification, work experience, age, skills, relationships, and everything else you claimed in your Express Entry profile and determine your admissibility to the country.

Suppose you fail to submit the necessary documents as requested by Canadian immigration authorities at any stage. In that case, you must submit a “letter of explanation” along with your eAPR to properly outline the reasons. We recommend that you include how many attempts you made to obtain the missing document/s and possible options in your “letter of explanation.”

Also, remember that because Canada has two official languages, English and French, you must submit your documents in either English or French. If not, have your documents translated by a licensed translator into any of the official languages.

You will need the following documents to submit your final permanent residence application:

• Identity Documents, such as a valid passport or travel document for the primary applicant. And each accompanying family member, Birth certificates, adoption certificates (if applicable), marriage certificates (if applicable), relationship documents (in the case of a common-law/conjugal partner), divorce certificates (if applicable), marriage and death certificates (if widow)
• Valid language test results in English or French
• Work experience documents from the last ten years. such as Employment Reference letters, should include the job title, average weekly working hours, salary, job duties, and employment dates.
• Education documents include copies of educational certificates, diplomas, or degrees for post-secondary study programs, transcripts for secondary and post-secondary study programs, and an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) report for education obtained outside Canada.
• Evidence of Funds for Canada If you are applying under FSWP or FSTP, you must demonstrate that you have enough funds to support yourself and your family member in Canada.
• Certificates of Medical Examination and Police Clearance
• Photographs of you as the primary applicant and your dependents

Improve your chances of obtaining ITA for Canada PR

The competition is fierce with a large pool of potential candidates with the suitable skill set. the highest educational qualifications, and much more. Competing with them and gaining a position among the highest ranking ones should be your sole goal as you work towards receiving an ITA and submitting your eAPR for a Canada PR visa.

Here are the top methods for increasing your CRS score:

• Retake the IELTS and aim for a CLB 9 or 10 in all four language abilities.
• Get a nomination from any Canadian province, and you’ll get 600 more points.
• Complete a one-year post-secondary study program to earn extra points.

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