Casino Merchant Account to Boost Your Casino Business Sales

As the growth of online casinos or mobile-based gaming and gambling has expanded. So, it has the requirement for payment solutions. Opting for a suitable casino merchant account in Europe (Albania, Malta, Cyprus, Netherlands, Italy, etc.) for your online credit card processing is not effortless. And this is specifically real for online casino businesses. Online casinos must also scroll fulfilling customers’ requirements with functioning in compliance with industry rules and regulations. Being capable to earn money and supporting development is your topmost preference to accomplish this. So, you depend on credit card payments from buyers. Online casino payment gateway and gambling payment gateway from WebPays are available for businesses in the following sorts of industries:

  1. Digital Games
  2. Online Casinos
  3. Slot Machines
  4. Table Games and Poker
  5. Mobile App-Based Games

WebPays Helps In Breaking the Barriers

Online gaming and casino businesses offer various complications for business merchants. Additionally, to age and state-based rules and regulations, merchant account providers also have restrictions to regard before finalizing to function with one of these industries. The online platform, specifically with gambling. Moreover, it always has the possibility for higher ratios of chargebacks for the specific business and its credit card payment processor.

Due to these issues, it can be problematic for online casinos to find a generous casino merchant account to deliver them a suitable payment gateway. Banks and payment service providers mark casino businesses as “high risk” for multiple reasons. These financial organizations may not like to get the opportunity with their funds positively. Because they do not comprehend how the industry functions.

WebPays is here to assist if you have had difficulty in preferring online credit card processing or if you have stated that your online business is too high risk. We comprehend the essence of online gaming businesses. And will produce a complete personalized solution with you to fulfill your particular requirements.

How Casino Merchant Accounts Are Advantageous For Online Gambling Business?

To receive credit and debit card payments online, these businesses require casino merchant accounts. Being a payment solution, it enables the sharing of funds from the credit/debit card issuing banks to the business bank account of the business owner. Similarly, some other advantages are also there. Like to know? So, here they are:

  • Enriched income: DCC induces extra income from global transactions that are already present.
  • Zero abroad exchange hazard: There’s no abroad exchange risk to the vendors. As they are handled by the payment service-providing company.
  • Possibility to improve global customer base: By enabling the global buyers to pay in their native currency. So, it is quite easy to increase website traffic.

Additional Benefits

  • Zero setup fees
  • Quick approvals within 24-48 hours
  • High volume payment services like numerous MIDS and load balancing payment gateways
  • Chargeback prevention along with chargeback precluding features
  • Assistance for online gaming operators
  • Complete anti-fraud systems
  • Multiple payment choices
  • Real-time reporting mechanisms that give a thorough summary of all sorts of online payments
  • Tokenization to assure the front-end phrases with the details in the back-end systems

 Reasons to Prefer WebPays

Online casino and gaming merchants require a credit card processing partner that maintains their best attraction in senses from the get-go. Effortlessly set up a casino merchant account with WebPays so that you can turn back to what is most essential – your online business. Our pricing structures are made to provide you with the flexibility you require to operate your online business. While assuring that you pay the most inferior possible ratio and get funds when you will require them.

Effortlessly integrate credit and debit card processing into your online business website. Moreover, our payment solutions function with multiple website shopping carts and payment platforms preferring our Commerce SDK. So your buyer orders won’t skip a second. Processing online payments safely and securely by providing an additional layer of security to your online transactions that will reduce the risk of deceitful online payments and save you funds. Contact WebPays for online gaming and high-risk merchant account in Europe (Albania, Malta, Cyprus, Netherlands, Italy, etc.) expert today for further details.

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