Cat Food that is Essential for the Health of Your Cat

If you are a new cat owner then your first question will be, when to feed the cat? What to eat? What kind of food do cats prefer? In fact, keeping cats is not difficult, but with a little care, your cat will grow up healthy and beautiful. It is important for cats to have protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals in their daily diet. In addition to food, it is very important to make the cat drink water. So let’s know some information about cat food.

The Ideal Food for Cats:

Cats are mainly carnivores. Therefore, it is important for cats to have animal protein in their diet i.e. beef, chicken, fish, etc. and the food must be boiled because raw fish, meat contains bacteria which can cause many diseases in cats. Nowadays processed fish and meat are available in a packaged form known as Wet Food and Canned Food. These foods should not contain more than 10 percent of carbohydrate foods such as rice.

Dry food, which is a dry food that is available to buy, contains a lot of animal protein and a small amount of plant protein. Dry food is not harmful to cats if the food is of high quality and can be fed with plenty of water. These foods contain 35-40 percent carbohydrates.

Caution in Cat Food Selection:

Food is an important issue. If you don’t take too much care of the food, your cat may face serious problems. Again, after facing different problems at different times, if you do not take care of eating and drinking, it becomes very difficult to work from that problem. For example, when your cat is sick with vomiting, your cat needs to be more careful with dry food. Because there are some foods that are called the best cat food to prevent vomiting, these are very important to know.

Amount of Cat Food:

The diet and quantity of a cat depending on its age and weight. So it is important to calculate the EMI before taking a loan. The amount of food also depends on whether the cat is indoor or outdoor, whether it is Spayed or Neutered. According to the Animal Medical Center of New York, a healthy and adult cat weighing 3-4 kg needs 240 calories per day. That means 60-65 calories per kg.

Each cup of dry food contains 300 calories (depending on the brand, calories may be more or less, how many calories are written correctly on the packet) and 85 grams of canned food contains 250 calories. In case of dry food 2 cups and in case of canned food 75 grams packet should be given. However, the amount can be increased or decreased as required.

Pregnant and Mother Cat Food:

The gestation period of a cat is approximately 9 weeks. At this time you need to eat more nutritious food and take care of it separately. Kitten food can be eaten along with other foods as it contains different nutrients. Mother cats also need special nutrition during lactation. After 8-9 weeks of calving, the mother cat stops producing milk. Then he slowly returns to the amount of the previous meal. At this time the health of the cat may deteriorate, so if you lose excess weight, you need to contact a vet.

Cat Feeding Time:

It is better to feed the cat at the same time every day. An adult (1-year-old) cat should be fed twice a day. Most people feed cats in the morning and at night, at intervals of 10-12 hours. However, if you eat less, it can be given 3 times. If the amount of dry food is too much, the cat can eat it later, but if it is wet food and canned food, it should be given according to the quantity.


It is better not to feed dry food to overweight cats as it can cause further weight gain. It is important to drink enough water with dry food.

Many animal lovers want to know about cat food. As a hobby, always take care not to harm the pet cat. Learn how to feed a cat according to its age today.

Give your cat time. Play with him. Give me toys too. It is better to keep a specific place for scratching. Give it a chance to hide, something to climb if possible. If you take the cat on the roof or outside every day, his mind will be better, exercise will be done and the risk of obesity will be reduced. If you keep cats indoors and work outdoors, provide adequate water and food.

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