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Chandranahan Lake Trek – Trekking in Himachal

. The Chandranahan Lake may be reached from the Litham campground on the Buran Ghati hike by following the Chandranahan stream.

Trekkers and explorers go to Himachal Pradesh to embark on Buran Ghati trek Himachal Pradesh because of the lake’s beauty. A second journey leads to the lake itself because of the area’s stunning natural splendour. The Pabbar River originates from a lake in the Shimla region of Himachal Pradesh. Small and charming, the lake is stocked with crystal-clear water from nearby brooks, waterfalls, springs, and even the melting snow that has fallen.

Locals consider this lake, which sits at an elevation of 14,000 feet in an alpine zone, to be holy. This glacial lake, surrounded by snow-capped Himalayan peaks, is frozen for most of the year. The Chandranahan Lake may be reached from the Litham campground on the Buran Ghati hike by following the Chandranahan stream.

The Chandranahan waterfall may be reached after a half-hour hike on a well-marked route. The lake is about an hour distant from the waterfall, but the trek might be risky because of the muddy terrain. It’s not always easy to make it to the beautiful lake, but the natural splendour and plenty keep you enthralled the whole way, so it’s well worth the effort.

The Chandranahan Lake Trek

As soon as you get to Chandranahan Lake, you may relax on the meadows around it and take in the awe-inspiring views of the surrounding mountains.

Chandranahan Lake’s weather and temperature might vary drastically depending on the time of year you plan to visit. As spring and summer progress, the lake’s emerald waters stay calm. On the other hand, the lake is frozen for the bulk of the year, resulting in often negative temperatures in the surrounding region.

Trekkers are advised to return to the Litham campground before noon since the lake’s temperature drops rapidly after sunset. The Chandranahan Lake’s splendour is incomparable, whether it is flowing or frozen.

Short Itinerary of Chandranahan Lake Trek

  • First Day : – Shimla to Janglik (9,200 feet) (9/10 hours)
  • Second Day : – Janglik to Dayara (11075 feet) (5 hours)
  • Third Day : – Dayara to Litham (11737 feet) (3 hours)
  • Fourth Day : – Litham to Chandranahan Lake (13900 feet) and return (4/5 hours)
  • Fifth Day : – Litham to Dayara (11075 feet) (3/4 hours)
  • Sixth Day : – Dayara to Janglik (9,200 feet) and Drive to Shimla (4 hours)

Key Points of Chandranahan Lake Trek

  • Level: Moderately Easy
  • The body has to be well conditioned and trained
  • Are you looking for the right gear and apparel for sub-zero temps?
  • The most vital piece of gear is a good pair of shoes.
  • Acclimatization to high altitudes is essential.
  • Stunning scenery calls for high-quality photography equipment and an extra set of batteries.
  • Travel light.
  • Only a 10-pound bag may be used

Highlights of Chandranahan Lake

  • Many little rivulets will cross your route, and you’ll have fun boulder hopping along their way.
  • Visit Dayara’s wildflower-filled meadows and take in the beautiful greenery.
  • To get to Janglik, you’ll have to traverse its mixed woodlands.
  • The Chandranahan waterfall is a sight to see.
  • Witnessing the holy Chandranahan Lake, which is usually frozen throughout the year.

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