Changing a door lock | Step-by-Step Guide

There are many reasons why a door lock needs to be replaced. But since door locks have to be burglar-proof, not every craftsman knows immediately how to change a lock quickly and easily. That’s why we’ve put together a guide for you below.

Locks that are mainly used

First, it is essential to distinguish between the different door locks. Below we have listed the most crucial door locks.

  • Beard lock
  • Cylinder lock
  • Pin lock

The Bunch of Beards

The beard lock is a type of lock that has been used for centuries. The name comes from the “colorful” variety of different key bits. You can still find these locks today. In particular, they are used in the less endangered interiors of houses and apartments.

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The pin lock

The pin lock is a very secure form of the door lock. In contrast to the tumbler lock, it no longer has a beard but instead has a flat pin that looks like a key blank for cylinder locks. In addition, the dimple lock is a unique design. The key bit has holes of different sizes that push the corresponding pins out of the lock so that the key can be turned.

The dimple lock

These door locks are often found in areas with high-security requirements, rarely in private house construction. These keys cannot be reproduced without problems, a special lock ID card is required, and the lock or key manufacturer then produces additional keys.

The cylinder lock

The cylinder lock is by far the most common door lock. However, this lock can also be differentiated according to different versions.

  • profile double cylinder
  • knob cylinder
  • short cylinder

The most common cylinder lock is the profile double cylinder. It must be locked and unlocked from both sides. They can be found on doors with a fixed knob and a handle that has to be pressed down on the inside (mainly front doors) and rarely on interior doors.

The cylinder lock is standardized

Of course, all sizes are standardized, so exchanging them is very easy. In addition, it is not always necessary to change the entire door lock. It is also sufficient to replace the cylinder without the lock.

Usually, a cylinder lock has to be changed

Since it is used mainly on entrance doors, we have geared our instructions for changing the door lock to this lock. You cannot exchange the dimple lock without the appropriate key card. The tumbler lock rarely has to be exchanged. However, there are many reasons for changing cylinder locks, for example, when moving into a new apartment, when roommates move out without handing over the keys, or when all the keys are no longer safely stored.

A step-by-step guide to changing a door lock

1.      Preparatory work

It makes sense that you buy a suitable replacement lock before you switch. To do this, you must first measure the cylinder lock. But, of course, you don’t have to remove the lock to do this.

Measuring the door lock

Open the door and look at the door leaf from the front (narrow side). You will see a screw near the door lock. Measure from the center of first to the outside right of the cylinder. Then measure to the left side of the cylinder.

If the currently installed lock does not close flush with the door fitting, you must measure from the previously mentioned screw to each door fitting. Of course, only if the lock is flush in the future.

Removing the door lock

If you now have a new lock cylinder, you can remove the old lock. To do this, unscrew the screw from which you previously took the measurements. This long screw (fine thread) reaching the cylinder fixes the lock or the cylinder.

If you unscrew this screw, you have to put the key in the lock and turn it slightly (about 1 o’clock). When the key is removed, the driver that locks the lock is not exactly in the lock. But it is somewhat offset to the outside. It ensures that the lock can only be changed with the correct key.

Changing the door lock

Now put the key in the new door lock and turn it back to 1 o’clock. You will then see how the carrier can no longer be seen. Now you can push in the lock and screw in the fixing screw again.

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The holes are not really suitable for the door lock from time to time. If you have correctly turned the driver inwards by turning the key and the lock still cannot be pulled out, you can carefully hit the front of the lock with a small hammer. Pay attention to the possible special equipment of the lock. There are profile cylinders where you can move the driver by turning a key and unlocking doors. They can also be equipped with an emergency and danger function. Then you can also see if you insert the key from the other side.

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