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Changing the Look of the Menu Bar in macOS

Users of macOS who want to boost their productivity. Without drowning in a sea of open windows you will find the Menu Bar to be an indispensable tool. Discover how simple it is to modify the Menu Bar by moving icons around. Removing toggles from the Control Center, and including quick-reference data like the battery %. You can get more accomplished in less time if you customize the Menu Bar to fit your specific workflow(s).

Changing the Order of the Drop-Down Menu

  • Move the pointer over a toggle in the Menu Bar to rearrange the options. As part of this guide, we’ll show you how to relocate the Wi-Fi button.
  • Keep your finger on the keyboard’s Command button.
  • Hold down the Command key as you click & drag the icon you want to relocate.
  • The Command key and the mouse or trackpad can be released after the menu bar object is in its new location. Here, we swapped the Wi-Fi symbol with the magnifying glass and the battery life gauge from their original positions.

Expanding the Menu to Include More Options

On macOS, you may rearrange the items on the Menu Bar. Using just a keyboard shortcut or the more conventional. explains more about expanding the menu on macOS. Albeit time-consuming, method of doing so via the “System Preferences” program.

To Customize the Menu Bar, Use the Settings Panel

  • Activate “Control Center” by clicking its icon, then add an item from “Control Center” to the Menu Bar. The Control Center symbol depicts a vertical row of on/off switches. Each positioned above and below the previous switch in the row.
  • You may remove any of the framed sections from “Control Center” by clicking and holding on it in the menu. To illustrate, let’s move the “Display” switch from the Control Center to the menu bar.
  • Simply click and hold the control module you want to relocate, and then drag it up into a Menu Bar. In this tutorial, we showed you how to add a menu bar toggle for screen brightness. Right next to the one for the keyboard’s backlight and the battery life indicator.

The System Preferences panel allows you to add and remove items from the menu bar.

  1. Click the gray application launcher with the gears to access “System Preferences”. Where you may add new things to the Menu Bar. The “System Preferences” application is located in the far right dock location by default in macOS.
  2. Launch “System Preferences”, and then choose “Dock & Menu Bar” between “Mission Control” and “Desktop & Screen Saver”.
  3. To see all of the Control Center’s toggles, just scroll to the leftmost menu.
  4. Select the widget you’d want to place in your Menu Bar by clicking on it. We’ll use AirDrop as our sample service.
  5. To include it in the menu bar, mark the box next to “Show in Menu Bar” and click it. Remove it from the Menu Bar by unchecking the box.

Speedy Disabling of Menu Bar Item Checkboxes

  1. When you hold it down the Command button and drag the cursor over a menu bar item’s control toggle. It will be immediately removed.
  2. To delete a menu item, click and hold the Command key down while dragging it out of the menu. Here, the white symbol for a computer screen represents the “Display” option, which is being cleared.
  3. Keep bringing the symbol into the middle of the screen until an “X” appears in a white circle.
  4. To complete the action of erasing the chosen menu item. Lift your fingers from the Command key and the mouse or trackpad. The object will decompose and vanish.

Putting Battery Life on the Main Menu

  • The “System Preferences” application is where you should go to check the remaining battery life on your MacBook.
  • Then, between “Mission Control” and “Desktop & Screen Saver,” choose “Dock & Menu Bar”.
  • To access the “Battery” submenu, look for the “Other Modules” subheading at the bottom of the left-hand menu.
  • To view the battery % on the Menu Bar, choose the box next to the dialogue labeled “Show Percentage”.

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