Cleaning and disinfection plan for a restaurant

You want to keep your loyal clientele and transmit a good image, establish if you do not already have one, a cleaning and disinfection plan for the restaurant.

When we eat out, we all want to eat at a clean table, with a sparkling floor and go to a spotless bathroom. And it is that the hygiene and appearance of the premises are one-factor customers value most when choosing where to eat, especially in a health crisis of this magnitude. Therefore, if you want to keep your loyal clientele and transmit a good image, establish if you do not already have one, a cleaning and disinfection plan for the restaurant.

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Continuing reading will help you if you have doubts. We help you develop a master cleaning plan for your restaurant so that it looks like the jets of gold.

 Hospitality cleaning and disinfection plan: what is it and why is it important?

Cleaning a kitchen in a restaurant is one of the most important activities in the business. Dozens of people come to the premises every day and it is in our hands to ensure that they are not at risk, either because of food poisoning because of spoiled food, or the transmission of diseases derived from poor hygiene.

For this reason, since it is such a delicate activity, it is necessary to develop a cleaning and disinfection plan that ensures the application of all protocols. This must have a worksheet or schedule for cleaning the restaurant in which they answered the following questions:

  • What we clean: areas, equipment, or utensils.
  • How we clean: instructions on how disinfection should be carried out.
  • What we clean with: specific products for each area.
  • When we clean: daily, weekly, and monthly dates.
  • Who cleans and who supervises: if the services of a specialized company are available or not and control of the cleaning plan.

This last point is important since we should remember that the law regulates the cleaning of bars and restaurants. This may vary according to the autonomous community, the need to establish a follow-up of the cleaning and disinfection plan is contemplated and if this is not the case, it may be subject to sanctions.

Therefore,  risks must be identified to implement a series of cleaning standards in a restaurant. We have specially reinforced rules and measures since the outbreak of the pandemic.

Because of Covid-19, a new cleaning and disinfection procedure has been established in restaurants. Now, besides complying with the existing measures, new actions must be added, such as:

  • Provide personal disinfection solutions at the entrance and exit of the premises.
  • Inform through posters about the mandatory preventive and hygiene measures that both clients and workers must follow.

 Restaurant disinfection and cleaning program

To keep the restaurant in optimal conditions, cleaning and disinfection, we must carry tasks out regularly. It is essential that daily cleaning is carried out at the end of the working day and, in addition, more in-depth cleaning must be carried out at least once a week.

In addition, we must carry disinfection out in areas or zones, since the same cleaning products and tools are not used to clean the dining room as to clean the kitchen.

 Restaurant kitchen cleaning

Kitchens are the heart of any bar or restaurant and we must take greater precautions when cleaning and disinfecting them. Because of the constant manipulation of food and the innumerable instruments that we can find, we must pay attention to:

  • Kitchen tools: all the tools that are used frequently, such as the griddle, the blast chiller, etc. We must clean them daily and thoroughly.
  • Kitchen utensils: Similarly, utensils must be sanitized daily and even several times a day to ensure that we offer a renewed and clean service.
  • Ducts–By this, we mean ventilation ducts and extractor hoods. We recommend it to clean your filters weekly since they are one area with the greatest accumulation of grease.

 Cleaning dining rooms and tables in restaurants

The dining room or living room is the busiest area of ​​the restaurant and the one that gets dirty the most. We must sweep and mop your floor every day at the beginning and end of the service. In addition, we must clean everything that is in direct contact with the client: chairs, tables, linens

We must review continuously the countertops of the bar during service since we continuously exposed it to customer contact.

In addition, we must not forget about cleaning the windows since they get dirty frequently and are one of the most visible elements of the premises.

 Restaurant restroom cleaning

Bathrooms are another of the spaces that need the most cleaning and that matter the most to the public. For this reason, they should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected every day and thoroughly cleaned at least once a week.

 Cleaning of pantries and warehouses

The warehouse extends to the kitchen, and we often forget about it. Being an area where edible products accumulate, cleaning and disinfection must also be strict.


Cleaning products for a restaurant

As for the products used, we must use specific products for each area.

In the kitchen:

  • Cloths and clothes
  • scouring pads
  • degreasers
  • Disinfectants and sanitizers for kitchen utensils
  • Dishwasher detergents and machine polishes

 In the dining room and tables :

  • multi-surface cleaner
  • degreaser
  • Difficult stain removers
  • brooms and mops
  • Mop

 In the bathroom and toilets,

  • Specific disinfectant for bathrooms with bactericide and fungicide

As for their storage, it is very important that they be stored in a cupboard or room completely reserved for this function and away from food handling areas and out of the reach of children.

 Cleaning service for restaurants

As we have just verified, the correct disinfection of a restaurant is a complex task in which we must take multiple factors into account. Not only is the safety of workers at stake, but the health of customers also depends on it.

For this reason, as experts in the sector, we recommend hiring a professional cleaning company to carry out disinfections in greater depth, providing guarantees we keep the premises in optimal hygiene conditions. In addition, in this way, the correct use of cleaning products is also guaranteed and we avoid risks of contamination with food.

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