Cleaning and shine of laminate floors: how to deal with it successfully

Keeping your floor like the first day is not an easy task, that’s why we want to share with you some tips for cleaning and shining laminate floors so that they are always like new. 

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This type of flooring is a simple and elegant option that more and more people choose for their homes. That is why you will be interested in knowing which are the best cleaning products for laminate floors and which ones you have to avoid at all costs.

What is a laminate floor? 

Choosing which floor you want for your home is one of the most important tasks since it is one element that suffers the most and must resist knocks, scratches, falls… There are many materials from which to make this decision, but there is one in particular that stands out for its durability: laminate flooring. 

Laminate floors are a type of flooring made up of several layers of different synthetic or wood-derived materials that imitate a multitude of finishes. It perfectly combines beauty and resistance. They come in a huge variety of colors, designs, and textures so we can install them in any room in your home. It is also super easy and quick to install!

 The number of advantages of choosing laminate flooring for your home is undeniable, because of its versatility, ease of installation, and variety, but it is still the element in your home that stains and wears the most. That is why in this post we explain what care a laminate floor requires keeping it clean and shiny as if we newly installed it.

 Cleaning products for laminate floors

As for the type of products that are recommended for cleaning your laminate floors, we have neutral or slightly corrosive soaps to prevent cracks or holes from being generated. Bleach and we must avoid products with ingredients such as oils or waxes that can damage the surface layer of the floor and cause the joints to skip or the material to moisten at all costs.

We can use alcohol on specific stains, such as wine or nail polish, for quick cleaning that will allow us to disinfect while removing dirt.

Cleaning tips for your laminate floor

 To remove coarse dirt or dust, we recommend sweeping or vacuuming the floor to avoid possible scratches in the following cleaning steps. eye! Although vacuuming may be the easiest option, vacuuming too roughly or too often can cause scuffs on the floor.

  1. Once the excess residue has been removed, we will carry a deeper cleaning out with a mop. To avoid leaving any type of mark on the boards, it is advisable to choose the type of mop very well. We recommend always choosing one with soft fibers and avoiding any type of material, such as brushes or spikes. Once the type of material has been selected, scrub with the right amount of water and always drain the excess very well.
  2. For the joints between boards, which are often a point where dirt accumulates and is difficult to access, it is advisable to use a small cloth or brush. As we already mentioned, we do not recommend brushes for general cleaning, but in this case, and for focused cleaning, we can use them for residues that have accumulated between the slats.
  3. Dry scrubbing is another option that we can use to clean our sheets. As long as it is materials such as cotton or microfibers.
  4. If your home has underfloor heating, turn it off before cleaning. The heat can cause the mop water to dry out too quickly, leaving stains or streaks. 

Tips for maintaining your laminate flooring

Besides these tips to keep your laminate floor clean day by day, we also bring you a series of recommendations to prevent wear and tear that it may suffer.

  • Protect the legs of tables and chairs to prevent chafing when they are moved or dragged.
  • Avoid wheels on any furniture in your homes, such as desk chairs or carts
  • In case of slight damage or lifting of the boards, repair or replace immediately to avoid further or deeper damage.
  • Although we have talked about laminate flooring as a very resistant flooring, we cannot deny that it has a weakness: humidity. Avoid excess water in objects such as pots, vases, pet drinking bowls, and even in mops and clothes. As we have already mentioned in our post, cleaning wet stains are difficult and can also be harmful to health. Therefore, you have to be very careful with excess moisture, because you do not want to spoil your laminate floor with mold stains.

 What can I do to restore the shine of laminate flooring?

Don’t worry if you notice your laminate floor has lost its natural shine because we have good news: you can gradually recover it with daily use of polish. Homemade tricks such as white vinegar are not the most recommended in these cases since it is a very corrosive product and could damage the material. 

Delegate the cleaning of your laminate floor to professionals

If after reading all this cleaning and maintenance tips and tricks to keep your laminate flooring intact you have only felt overwhelmed and don’t even know where to clean it, you can always leave the care of the most delicate part of your home in the hands of professionals, thus avoiding headaches and you will have an impeccable floor. From SCS Group Cleaning Solution, express domestic cleaning professionals, we guarantee to leave your laminate floor perfect as the first day and with the minimum impact on the environment and on your health.

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