Cleaning of shopping centers: practical guide

The cleaning of shopping centers is always an issue that causes a lot of uncertainty. We are talking about quite large surfaces, with a disparate distribution and a multitude of different shops. To guarantee the hygiene and healthiness of such a large space, it is necessary to always have professionals who know how to do it. Otherwise, it could be the case that there are uncleaned areas or forgotten parts(Shopping mall cleaning).

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We must not forget, in turn, that shopping centers are areas of constant passage of passers-by. It is precisely for this reason that the way to sanitize them cannot be the same as that of other surfaces, such as small premises or homes.

Shopping center cleaning: what to keep in mind

There are certain keys through which it is much easier to carry out cleaning for shopping centers . One of them is planning . Prior to the cleaning process itself, the area in question should be analyzed. Ideally, draw a map with the different areas that make up the shopping center and see what is the best way to proceed. In this way, it will be possible to plan what is going to be cleaned that day and structure cleaning shifts(Shopping mall cleaning).

Cleaning shifts are common in shopping centers. Specialized companies establish order and planning criteria with which they decide which surfaces must be cleaned. There are areas, such as bathrooms, that are cleaned more than once a day, while there are others that can be well maintained with daily general cleaning. In this sense, it is very important to have the criteria of professionals, since they will have experience in the sector.

How is the cleaning planned?

When setting a cleaning schedule, it is essential to consider certain criteria. The most basic is that it is always better to start by cleaning the areas that require the most urgency, such as bathrooms. In addition, we must take it into account that we should hinder customers and workers as little as possible. We must not forget that we usually crowded their spaces and that what is sought is to make sales. If the cleaning company does not take this into account and it is an impediment for the clients, it could be counterproductive.

At a general level, we consider it a good order to start with the floors and the windows, as well as the bathrooms. After this, you can clean windows and facades. The last things that is usually sanitized are garages and car parks, although that does not imply that we should not give them importance. Sometimes, they are the forgotten ones, but we must take it into account that the first and last thing that the client usually sees is the car park. It is important to take care of this first and last perception of the establishment.

Can you maintain cleanliness in shopping malls?

To ensure that we maintain this cleaning over the hours, it is necessary to have people who are in charge of it periodically. Cleanliness is essential in any store or business. If the environment is dirty, unhealthy, or neglected, customers may end up viewing it negatively. With a shopping center, where there are such disparate businesses with specific needs, it could be even worse. We must not forget that in shopping centers there are usually restaurants, for which hygiene is essential. Not only to make customers comfortable but also to meet the opening conditions.

With the influx of people that are in shopping centers, it is logical to think that it is not enough to clean first thing in the morning. It is necessary to carry out routine maintenance, both in the toilet areas and in the common areas. In this way, the general feeling is always positive and customers feel comfortable.

Define schedules and enter night shifts

As has been pointed out, it is important to establish a cleaning schedule and schedule. Although there are activities that can be easily carried out with clients around, there are others that cannot. For example, when industrial cleaning machinery is used, we generate noise that people may find annoying. On these occasions, we can introduce night work shifts to prioritize customer comfort.

By drawing up a detailed work plan, you can establish the ideal shift. However, this should be flexible as possible. Not every day the shopping center will have the same influx of people, and working on a Monday is not the same as working on a Saturday. Knowing how the shopping center works, as well as the usual behavior of customers, can be of vital importance.

Advantages of hiring professionals in the business

Cleaning shopping centers require the use of specific machinery and specific chemical products. The misuse of these elements could seriously harm the health of both workers and customers. It is precisely to protect the health of all those who visit these spaces that qualified professionals must be available. Not only because they will know how to make the cleaning much deeper, faster, and more efficient, but because they will know what steps to take.

A clean place generates in the client much more desire to buy. He feels comfortable, calm, and has no external concerns. It is a safe investment by the company. But cleaning is a complex sector, which requires much more professionalization than is often believed. Having unqualified personnel can cause errors that, depending on the context, can have dire consequences for the business. From bad publicity to threatening the health of customers(Shopping mall cleaning).

At SCS Group Cleaning Solution, we have spent decades cleaning shopping centers, as well as other surfaces. We have the machinery to carry out any task and we have qualified and trained professionals. 

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