Some of the benefits are:

Extra office space

Years ago, we had a large old metal filing cabinet that took up a lot of space. This valuable table space can now be used for things like coffee makers.

Flexibility of work

Sometimes we have to work from different places. Gone are the days of wrapping paper bags and files. Now we can get everything we need remotely through our network and email.


Easy access

Before that, we had a paperless office that depended on the accuracy and speed of preparation of documents. If something goes wrong, we can say goodbye forever. Finding electronic files has never been so easy. Even if misrepresented, the recipient bank is an essential resource in every business.


Paper records can be destroyed if there is a fire or flood in our physical space. Our computers are backed up at least daily in a safe place and other places. This means that if we have a hardware failure. We have access to all our data. With paperless desks, we find it difficult to clean. But our data is safe. KDF Bookkeeping Service is proud of this.

Cloud-based solutions

We are an accounting firm and love paperwork. But we are a cloud bookkeeping company. Therefore, we also tend to reduce paperwork. We specialize in MYOB and Xero setups and can help you effectively transform your business into a paperless office.


That… less paperwork and fewer trees = better.

So, with the right process, technology, and a little planning from Accounting and Bookkeeping Services in Australia, you can build a paperless office. Contact us.

Reducing the paper you use increases convenience and saves you a lot of money. Planning is needed and it’s not something you can do overnight.

We start as follows:

  • Instead of saving documents, we will scan them and save them on our computer network.
  • We’ve invested in a new multi-function center – printers, copiers, scanners, and scanning functions are just as important as our new best friends!
  • We have two monitors for each computer in our office. This means that the information we normally type can be seen on another screen when we work on another screen. 
  • Keep all your old paper documents and files with you. We have created an archival record of when documents can be cut and the boxes are kept in a safe place. As the box is ready to be destroyed, the plant will be safely destroyed.
  • Print reports for our customers. Now we come to the part where we talk about the middle ground.

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